what’s up mah dawgs

Edit: not dropping manga. soz. I just need help with redrawing which I have found already πŸ™‚ Thanks.

Hey guys. I’ve been gone a whole month.

To do list:

  • look for someone to redraw/typeset uchimusu chapter
  • apologize and also explain my disappearance a little
  • tell people to take up all my current projects because i’m dropping everything

So uh yea. I feel bad seeing that I don’t think any one else is translating the new chapter, seeing that i did the last 12 or so. Which is why I’ll probably do the translations and pass it off to the people who want to do the chapter. I don’t mind continuing translating the manga cause i do like reading it and i barely read anything raw that i don’t translate…. actually as I type this, I’m probably gonna just upload the text here somewhere and see if people care about me enough lmao. In any case I’m sure someone else will end up translating the manga even without knowing about this site if enough time passes πŸ™‚

So that’s the first dot point. Hopefully? ‘

So I do apologize for not uploading. It’s a pretty simple reason tbh. Just wasn’t enjoying it. Of course the feelings involved were not so simple. I’ve been feeling from ranges of guilty to relief. And tbh if I’m gonna be this slow, I might as well give it to someone else who can deliver. Besides uchimusume is getting an official “asfarasiknow” professional and good translation so there’s no point of me continuing, people seem pretty happy with jnovel club πŸ™‚

That wasn’t much of an apology. And I’ve read somewhere that explaining yourself in an apology sort of invalidates that so um idk.

I haven’t been reading novels either, and that makes me sad. The reason for that is cause if I did then I would feel even more guilty for not contributing or something? In any case I want to enjoy some guilt free reading times again. I’ve been getting way too into watching twitch streams and playing myself sick of shadowverse. I even started and quit sinoalice during this time. And re-started granblue fantasy. oh and i bought overwatch and played quite a bit…

And I mean sure, I’ve been slightly busy at work, working my night shifts and being sad there, but that’s why me translating, should be something that makes me happy. and have fun.

So yea, i think that makes point 2.

Like I mentioned previously. I’m dropping everything.

  • Ryouriban
  • UchiMusume Web novel
  • UchiMusume Web manga
  • Isekai brothel
  • And that last recent thing that I said I would continue but then didn’t cause both me and blue got lazy, and then people started telling me to continue cause someone else did it, but didn’t edit it it seems and so it was quite hard to read.

I think those were all the stuff I was translating?

I hope everything goes to good new translators tbh. Someone was telling me they wanted to translate ryouriban so I hope they do it, even though I was a bit rude when I responded last time. (soz)

Uchimusume has felt like my baby since I felt like it I was the one who made it as popular as it may be? i’m egoistic and sometimes a bit narcissistic. but its something i like to believe.

I’m pretty sure since I haven’t released a chapter of isekai brothel in like literally more than a year i think, and people haven’t translated the rest so uh…. yea?

I may do some other translating stuff when I feel like it would be fun. In any case I’m out. It’s 2 am. I’m rather sleepy today. So I’ll try to translate the text of the manga tomorrow morning, that is if someone hasn’t already realeased the chapter hah. Peace out.

I’m J-dawg.

I just need less expectations on me πŸ™‚
So that’s why I’m gonna do a clean slate.
Thanks readers it’s been fun. Cya round.
(I’m gonna take another month off before I start reading novels again πŸ™‚ Hopefully nothings been deleted or changed too much.
I bet deathblade has already finished ISSTH~ And bunch of people have been awesome? Idk~ Hope you people are cool.
Time for image spam. Also thanks novelupdates and reddit for giving me traffic πŸ˜›

(I’ve been going on facebook far too much: probably for memes)



and a classic to finish off. I’m gonna get back to watching cry stream as I play shadowverse and granblue on my phone.

Hope you guys are well. (I have no good memes saved im sad)


47 thoughts on “what’s up mah dawgs

    • No worries. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I actually forgot to mention this and I may do an update post tomorrow with the translated text for the manga but I actually need to delete chapters 26-50 for uchimusume.
      In any case, I’m glad you had a good time.

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  1. No, be like me. A shameless bastard who still read novel and too lazy to translate my own project while live my live and lazy at work too (true story)

    btw if you looking for cleaner and whatever for manga are you still doing it or not? I’m a guy who can use almost anything on Adobe master suite and heavily addict to that thing.

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  2. sorry my another message….I have read more carefully. Friend, the truth is that you have made me very happy to see that someone was translating the series. NOBODY, has translated the novel as you, who did it with determination and for that I thank you with all my soul.

    Sounds dramatic. But it hurts me a lot that you do not like translating uchi no musume. But if you do not like you do not have to force yourself. I always refreshed the page to see if you translated.

    If you know someone Who is translating it. Will you tell us? please?

    I love you for making the effort. Thank you.

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    • Yea, jnovel club is translating it, although you would have to pay to read
      And it’s not that I didn’t like translating uchimusume, it’s more like I don’t feel like translating atm, and I would rather let my projects go to people who would want to translate them


      • I really appreciate your effort. I will have to wait to see what happens with the story: (… the cute latina. I hope someone translates it ^^ if you get someone who is translates it, you tell me? … I can not pay… i wis if i can do it 😦 XD

        Hello from venezuela and i hope you have a very happy life. ^^ thanks for answering.


  3. Although I’m a bit sad that you aren’t going to continue translating, thanks for all your hard work! I wouldn’t have known about these stories if it weren’t for people like you who translate them. Hopefully, someone does pick up these projects in the future, but in the mean time, have fun and relax lol~ good luck with the grinding xD

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  4. γ€€γ€€β™ͺ ∧_∧
    γ€€γ€€γ€€( Β΄ βˆ€` ) β™ͺ
    γ€€γ€€γ€€γ¨γ€€γ€€βŠƒ Thanks!!!
    γ€€γ€€γ€€ (_ニ぀ Nepu!!!
    Kinda sad to hear thst you’re dropping all of them but if that’s you decision then. Goodluck on your future project.

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    • Yea, I forgot to mention this but I’m scared of disappointing people, and when I can’t deliver (especially now that I don’t actually have the time to keep up the pace of my novels) I would rather someone else translate them. Truth is I wanted to quit last a while ago but I couldn’t let go since I spent so much time on them, and if I did it would feel like I lost all the time I that I had worked on them for, you know? Just woke up and a little groggy. Anyway thanks nepu~ πŸ™‚

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      • Do not worry … the truth I especially or all of us, we value your effort. If I speak selfishly, I would have liked you to leave uchi no musume finishing the volume 4 (117 or at least 114), since the chapters that came were very beautiful and sweet and important for Latina XD. But being selfish is not good and that is why I understand you, not WE understand you.

        But the important thing is, if you enjoy translating or if you have time. We appreciate your effort and so stop translating we thank you.

        Excuse my English, I can hardly write it

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  5. Hey, Coolizer,
    Just wanted to add my thanks and appreciation for all you did. I enjoyed it very much. Hope you have great success at whatever you put your hands to next. Peace!

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  6. “happy with jnovel club” will not be part of my vocabulary until they get into publishing physical books. (Even if it is just on-demand like Rightstuf does for Tokyopop) If I wanted to pay someone to translate for me a digital copy of a book, I’d already be commissioning translations. All Jnovel club is to me is an obstacle between series I like and any chance of a physical english release.


    • Actually I believe Jnovel club is working with seven seas manga? Or some publisher to release their hard copies, not too sure about uchimusume hard copy as of yet tho


      • They specifically mention in their FAQ that they don’t do it and will only consider the possibility for series that sell well.

        Also, pairing with Seven Seas would be a match made in hell. Seven Seas is notorious for grabbing a license, releasing a couple of volumes, and then abandoning a series, all while continuing to sit on the license so that the series is just doomed to obscurity. (Boogiepop, Ballad of a Shinigami, the list goes on)


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