UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 13

Edit: I keep forgeting, hey sorry guys, I’m deleting chapters 25-49 NOW! cause Jnovel club has already started their volume 2. Sorry if you haven’t read up to there yet, do go check out Jnovel’s club version.
As a sorry I will leave you with this clip 😉

Yea i said I was dropping this. But I actually enjoy the manga. I just didn’t want to do the redrawing cause it was really tiresome this time around.

So thanks Tokanya.

Anyway here.


[Google Drive]

Hey guys, I was watching Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday’s You and it’s really good. A very sad romantic film 😦 Go watch it sometime and tell me if you liked it or not 🙂


Frikkin Komatsu Nana is so cute!

And uh… before that… I also watched some pinku eiga. Don’t google that if you’re under 18 cough cough.

I watched My Dolly Girlfriend…. i watched it and after I jhust stood up and went WTF did I just watch. Funny thing is, all these weird japanese films (not the above with the picture) are available on youtube lmao. I explained the plot to my friend and he also went wtf. I swear, I almost want to watch this together. Mendel 😉

Basically… an otaku loses job, becomes zetsubou deshita, gets fucked up by two lesbians, (lesbians then fuck), and then he fucks a manequin, the lesbians get killed by gangsters, and before otaku gets killed by gangsters, the mannequin he just fucked comes to life (wearing a sailor uniform btw) and then kills the gangsters.

Yea… make of that as you will. I told you the title so you can check it out yourself if you must.

On a more innocent note i’ve also been watching clips of Goblin: The powerful and lonely god. That’s cute as shit. ANd Sunny is cute as shit. ❤



27 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 13

    • oh man haha! I didn’t even fathom to think there would be a wikipedia article lmao.
      Best line in the summary “the mannequin that he “raped” came to life, saved him and kill the thugs. “

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  1. thanks for everything. uchimusu makes my day. just sad that currently i’m unable to read much, then i just saw that you are gonna drop everything. mah hart still crying you know.
    if… if you dont need to redraw, will you still translate it???

    Liked by 1 person

      • ^^ he is like me.. i make me really sad that you drop uchi no musume NOVEL… but i support your decision. 😦 ^^ thanks for the chapter. HOTA make the intro of the novel in this chapter… thats good. know that i see the story of her father How and why the events happened. It hurts a lot as the father interprets that to his little cute daughter, that forgot how to cry..


  2. Sir you mean uchimusume will be dropped? Hope you can give us link where we can find the english translation. The one translating now seems to have license and i need to register to their website and i think that is not good. 😭


  3. Thanks a lot for the chapter, just binge read the manga and I’m enjoying it. As for the colors that appeared in the double spread page there (that needed a lot o redrawing as it seems):
    “Ahmar = Red; Ahdar = Green; Asfar = Yellow; Azraq = Blue; Nili = Light Blue; Quirmigi= Crimson; Banafasj = Violet (from the Viola plant)”
    and Thanks again.


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