UchiMusume Manga – Extra Story 2

I guess no one really wants the next real chapter lol.

Jokes, it’s more just a celebration chapter for the release of volume 2.

Hi guys 🙂

Check out that llink. I mean… this link: http://bit.ly/2iBEa8z . Because. WHAT ARE THOOSEEE! (Did I meme properly?) Blue says I meme too much… but I don’t even.. such lies. much deception. wowe.


[Google Drive]

I’m still editing…. you missed me fool!

Side note: Wallpaper engine really is pretty cool 🙂

Side side note: I fell in love 😦 FeelsLifeMan…

Side Side side note: I’ve been watching way too much streams

Side side side side note: I’m studying the yakuza for Japanese class. wut. Also i should ggo for n1.


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