UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 16

Hey dawgs~ It’s been a while huh…. MY BAD!! Honestly, I feel bad now… :s but there was no chapter last month D: and the mangaka said he’ll update on the 22nd but then did it on the 15th D:

Anyway… if you wanna talk just comment and we can have a nice conversation 🙂

As always share to this post instead of directly pl0x~ i wanna be popular (not like i can stop u from doing what u want though :/)


[Google Drive]


[Rest of the Chapters]

Also wow this one uploaded quickly due to the reduced size of quality that came from niconicoseiga instead of douga or whatnot.

but  we want quality, cause upload speed = patience which i have plenty of… i think.

:thinking: how to solve problem… i am computer science student, once in the past :thinking:

26 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 16

    • “you saying my typeseting skills are bad punk, huh” I growl in a joking manner~ but yea, not atm. Right now i can handle almost anything. I think I’m a god really :thinking: and I have Flynn for raws and Tokanya when I do a whole “zetsuboushita” with redraws lol, so im good for now 🙂 Thanks for offer~


  1. Thank you for the chapter as always!! ❤
    Even if I already know how it’d turn out, it still pains my heart seeing Latina hurted so much 😢


  2. Ahh! I thought Coolizer finally went and dropped even Uchimusume manga </3 I'm so very glad you're still working on it. I probably look like a newbie here but honestly I've been following konobuta's Uchimusume translation for quite a while now. Seeing the novel get dropped was depressing but then the manga came and I was happy again. Then there was no chapter last time so I was depressed again. Anyways, I'd like to tell you not to feel bad. You're our savior just so you know. I really love Uchimusume and I know how difficult it is to release chapters. All hail Coolizer! All hail KONOBUTA! ALL HAIL CHIROLU AND UCHIMUSUME!


  3. Hey man! Thanks for the upload, I appreciate it!
    I have a question… how does the process of getting the raws work? I’ve always wondered… You mentioned nico nico seiga, and by my researches it looks like it’s a deviant-art site. Are the raws uptated there “illegally” or something?


  4. Thanks for the lovely hardwork you’ve done I really really really appreciate it!!It helps reduces my stress 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏻 Keep up the good work 👍🏻😊


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