UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 16.5

16.5… hue hue.

edit: also *cough* gimme my stats by linking back to this page when you share k?potassium? calcium? idk.

No dirty thoughts here :<
We are a christian blog now…. not really. I couldn’t even do the joke properly :(((
Maybe I should just retire, A’m too old f’r you yung’uns.


[Google Drive] <- don’t even know why i keep this link lol… though i guess i used to be one who downloaded manga, so it’s for the guys who do that’s benefit i guess~

Also guess I should mention the list of all chapters is here

Cropped just like i did with the very first chapter lmao. though no more double sided pages lol. that was a bad idea.

man, im tired of reading novels again. think i might start watching anime again :thinking:

Arghhh~ btw I’m gonna stay awake (it’s 2:37am here (humble brag?)) to edit at least the first chapter of that cat novel… so that

nah… i’ll just stay awake and read manga while watching a certain Legend ranked youtuber/streamer play a certain card game online from our childhoods… while i maybe make some new  shadowverse decks


20 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 16.5

  1. that’s ok, i always download it first. i hate “failed loading page” when at the good part, the most. well i have application that can download from manga reader site, but some of them got the quality lowered, so i always use download link first. thanks for keeping it 😉

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Happy new year and good luck with Shadowverse, with the rotation if you play something who isn’t swordcraft or dimension shift you probably gonna rank up with some patience.


      • Oh test and check are usually fun, and sometimes you discover some interesting things who works because people aren’t used to go against like when i started the game and got a lot of dragon cards so i made a kind of aggro set with what i got and used a lot of phoenix and hippogryph rider and never fought someone who used it against me. Hope you get luck on ladder when testing things out.

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  3. Thank you for the chapter and Happy New Year in advance! :3
    I was reading that and thinking “is this the start of their future’s relationship~?” (,,>ᴗ<,,) fufufu as expected Latina is so cute


  4. I for one am very much grateful for the download link. Having these available is the main reason I follow the scanlators’ sites instead of any silly reader sites.


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