UchiMusume Manga – Extra Story 3

But i’ll just call it chapter 17.5

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^look what you get when you buy a physical copy of volume 3, speaking of which, buy it on amazon here (if u want)

what i’ve been doing while translating(1 line a day eek):

watching judge judy, playing slay the spire, reading… a lot

[Other chapters]

EDIT: If you want a short sweet read (and your like cats, or animals in general)


11 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Extra Story 3

  1. Thank you for your amazing work as always 🙂 I’v been reading in silence for awhile now.
    The last page comments are just an extra sweet thing I enjoy and look forward to 🙂 so I came to make a comment and say thank you for making it every time ^^

    Note: BTW nyaa is still a life at nyaa.si, don’t have any novel recommendations, but have fun 🙂

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