Ryouriban – Chapter 47

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Chapter 23, Divine Revelation and Fried Rice (Part 1)


In the end, Renha-san got into a carriage and disappeared off to some place with a few attendants.

No matter who I asked, no one would tell me where exactly she was going, and all Princess Tebis told me was,

“Do not worry. We will not bring her any harm.”


Well, I can’t imagine Princess Tebis doing anything weird to her, and there’s no way Renha-san would be executed so maybe I should just be relieved.

It feels so weird. Even though she was a criminal, an evil woman who caused such atrocities, it doesn’t make me feel too good knowing that she could be executed within a range of where my eyes could see, and arms could reach.

Even though I know that it needs to be done… no, I can’t be thinking like this. I’m gonna have to get used to this.

This isn’t Japan. This isn’t Earth.

This is another world. A world filled with war and chaos.


Hello, this is Shuri.

My butt hurts so frickin’ much right now.


“Look Shuri-kun, it’s this way.”



I was clinging tightly onto Ekress-san, the one steering the horse, as we moved towards a certain place. She was expertly guiding the horse forward through the forest, seemingly having already gotten used to the path, so it didn’t seem like we had to worry about hurting the horse either.

The day my butt splits in four doesn’t seem all too far away now. And I couldn’t even feel excited knowing that I was so close to a woman. I’m in no mood to think about that!


“Are you alright?”

“No, my butt hurts.”

“Shuri-kun, have you never ridden a horse before?”



Jumping back in time a little bit, back when the Ganglabe Mercenary Corp was still moving from one place to the next, I had to endure the pain throbbing in my butt as I rode a carriage.

I’ve never ridden a horse. I’ve only ridden a horse carriage.

That was back when… was it back when I had just arrived in this world…?

We were clearing out our campgrounds, and about to start moving.

When I had tried to ride on the horse that had been prepared for me, my waist started hurting. Yes, I’m worse than an old man.

It hurt so bad, to the point I couldn’t even stand up anymore after three minutes, so I gave up on riding horses altogether.

Perhaps Ekress-san had sensed me looking far off into the distance, as she sent a sympathetic gaze this way.


“Ahh, you’re not used to horses.”

“….Is that bad?”

“Well, it’s common knowledge for the people on this continent, so it doesn’t make you look very cool.”



Having my mood dampened to such a degree, I kept quiet as we continued forth.

I’m blue. Feeling real blue.

I sure am uncool, aren’t I…. I’m fundamentally uncool, in accordance to this world’s standard….

I mean, I get it. The sight of Ganglabe-san riding his horse into the battlefield really is just such a dazzling sight that even I would almost fall for him, you know. Maybe it was because I was becoming even more absentminded, but that’s why Ahrius-san saw.


“Um, Shuri-kun.”


“As a man, you shouldn’t be crying in front of people, you know?”


Looking at Ekress-san who turned around while showing me her smile really made me think… that she was a really hot guy.

I’m gonna fall for you….

Oh no, I’m turning into a girl.

The other person was a girl who dressed like a man, but what am I supposed to do if I become a guy who dressed up like a girl?

In that case, the Cook of the Mercenary Corp would become the Trap of the Mercenary Corp.

That’s not funny. Who the heck would wanna see that.


“Ekress-san. You’re so cool.”


Painfully squeezing out those words, I could almost feel my dignity as a man slowly disappearing.

However, Ekress-san probably didn’t notice that, seeing how shy she was acting.


“Ehehe, I’m so happy you’ll say that.”


Shatter, something seemed to break.


“….And, why is Wutin-san here?”


I attempt to change the mood by looking behind me, where Wutin-san was walking behind us.

I don’t really know why, but Princess Tebis’ guard is here by my side. Like, seriously, why?

I’m assuming she just casually tagged along at some point.


“The princess, said, just in case.”

“What? No, shouldn’t you be the one by the princess’ side just in case?”


I shouldn’t be wrong. This person’s job should purely be to protect Princess Tebis after all…


“….Just in case.”

“Alright, I get it. I can’t really complain if you’re here to protect me.”


Crud. She doesn’t seem like someone who’s easy to talk to. I probably hit something close to home with what I just said… I can feel the sweat dripping down my forehead. She looks to always be calm and expressionless, but even though her expression itself doesn’t really change, you could literally see her shaking…

Speaking of which, apparently it should’ve been Cougar-san and Teg-san who were supposed to be with us in the beginning. However, they couldn’t come on account of the fact that they were busy organising their troops.

And that’s when Princess Tebis said, “In that case we shall lend you Wutin.”, and consequently Wutin-san, who was always expressionless, was rendered speechless, her mouth open in shock, and wound up coming with us as our guard.

It must be tough. Her sufferings were quite easy to read in her eyes.


“So, Ekress-san. We’re going to go meet you and Gann-san’s mothers, that’s the plan yeah?”


Even if I was constantly thinking about what the two of them were thinking, it would just put a wet blanket over my mood, so let’s stop that here. More than that, I decide to talk about our schedule from here on out.

The plan is to go meet Ekress-san’s and Gann-san’s mother. They didn’t know their whereabouts for the longest time, but it seems like they learnt of their mother’s location recently so now they’re going.

Gann-san had something to do apparently, and couldn’t come this time, so told me to say hi to them for him. He was feigning his usual self, but I could see the worry plastered on his face.

Ekress-san too, didn’t seem to be all that comfortable with going to meet them by herself, so came to ask me to go with her. I didn’t really mind but… is it really okay for me to go?

I entrusted Adora-san to continue on with my work, and when we were deciding who else to bring along, it was decided that Wutin-san was to come along.


“Hmm… I’m also a little worried. I haven’t met my mother in a long time. I’m not really sure how to look at her, or what face to make.”

“I think you should just smile.”


Honestly, I’m not saying this just in passing.


“Just say, I’m back, or welcome home, or it’s been a while… in any case, how about just smiling and say a little greeting first?”


When it comes to meeting relatives that you haven’t met in a long while, there are some cases where you don’t really understand one another all that well, creating this distance where you would struggle to find things to say to one another.

It is precisely in these sorts of situations where I think that it is important to start with a greeting and approach them yourself. Start with a greeting, before continuing on with some meaningless chatter, slowly re-kindling that relationship with each other.

After all, human relationships cannot be forged in a single day. At the very least, the very gesture of you trying to make the effort is an important one, is what I believe.

With my words in mind, it appeared rather obvious that Ekress-san was thinking about something of sorts as she looked towards the ground a bit.


“…It can’t be such an easy… matter, you know.”


Easy matter, she says…


“Well obviously it wouldn’t be. I’m saying that it will be hard. Not that it would be easy.”


There’s no doubt about it in my mind. The act of meeting with a relative again, who had experienced so many twists and tribulations, will definitely not end just like that, so easily. It’s the basic of the basics in dramas. Almost all them have an arc centered on seeking revenge out of hatred, or maybe have them finally understand one another in the final scene… On top of that, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they were also dying in that scene. It’s like the basics of all dramas.

In any case, even in my world, fights within families tend to manifest such dangerous and problematic twists and turns, that it makes others feel like they can no longer be saved.


“However, I don’t think that you shouldn’t at least try, just because it’s hard. Please don’t think of it like you’re doing this for the sake of making up with them, or fixing your relationship. Just think of it as a way to find a solution for yourself.”


“You have to find the answer from within your heart. Firstly, you have reach a decision, a conclusion with your past self. I say decision, but as long as you don’t hate each other then, the gap between the two of you will naturally close.”


Though, I can only say this because of all the dramas I watched…

I too, once again strengthened my resolve and will to continue living in this world… that’s the type of person I am anyway.


“….un, thanks Shuri-kun. You’ve brought a little courage to me.”


Ekress-san smiles and turned around towards me.


“Thank you~”


This bishie….!?


We continue forth in spite of the shock I felt due to my lack of masculinity, and finally we could see a church within the forest.

It was a beautifully decorated church, but I had no idea what exactly they were worshipping in there. In the first place, I’ve never been in contact with any sort of religion ever since arriving in this world.


“What do they worship at this church?”

“God, right?”

“No, what sort of god?”

“Hm? God is god. There aren’t other gods are there?”


The heck, I feel like we’re not on the same track here…


“Don’t they have a name or religious doctrines, or something?”

“In this day and age, some people just want to be able to praise a god. The source of these churches, the headquarters, was sure to have existed in the past, but they don’t exist anymore. The country in power at the time didn’t like that there were donations going towards the faith and so, attacked and abolished them.”


What? That’s so selfish.


“The churches had, at the very least, been preserved but, there are no donations or any believers anymore. Right now, only a handful of pious believers remain, keeping the church alive out of their own pocket. Nevertheless, the Father who is doing all that is loved by all and even raises orphans.

However, the church we are going to now, is only fronting the name of a ‘church’, and is in fact more well known for being the hidden residence of the Feudal lords’ clan. Furthermore, it is also the place where my mother and Gann’s… brother’s mother is being held.”


We arrived at the church as I listened to her sad monologue.

I see… so this here only holds the name of church.

More than that, however, the characteristics that I had mentally associated with a ‘church’ was nowhere to be seen. Nothing.

There was no sign of things like a cross or stained glass, and in general, there was nothing that suggested to me that this was an institution where one revered god.

However, it was beautifully cared for and while one could feel the age of the building, there were no long vines climbing up the side of the building, nor any cracks.

Perhaps the person living here was very knowing in regard to housework, or maybe, since it was, in the end, a refuge for the Feudal lords clan, they couldn’t have it looking shabby as a way to retain their dignity.

Was what I was thinking as I looked at it and got off the horse, but Ekress-san was not coming down at all.

Hmm, now, what could possibly be the problem here?



“…It truly is quite fearful… having to finally meet her.”



Hmm… obviously it would be quite difficult to come to a decision from just the little bit of encouragement I gave her before.


“Ekress-san, you have no reason to feel so scared-“



Just as I was about to finish my sentence, someone came running from behind, dashing passed me, and approached Ekress-san, who was still seated on her horse.

I couldn’t see her face since I was standing behind her, but she had the same silver-coloured hair as Ekress-san. In addition to that, it reached all the way to her waist and was quite thick.

Her clothes were simple, but they had been properly cleaned with all the wrinkles straightened out, and yet having caught a glimpse of her energy, gave the impression that the outfit she was wearing looked quite well on her.


“Ekress?! You’re Ekress, right?!”

“Eh? Eh?”

“It’s me, Ekress! Envy Sounity!”


In the place where they were standing, a sudden development that brought with it it’s aftershocks, had fallen upon them.


“Mo-, is that you mother?”

“Yes! Ekress, you’re Ekress, right…. I’m so happy… so happy to see you….”


The woman named Envy, broke down there on the spot and at last fell down to her knees, right by the horse’s hooves.

Her shoulders shaking, voice teary.


“I had thought that they might have even… exiled you as well but….! That doesn’t seem to be it…! I’m just so glad you’re safe…!”



Ekress-san jumps off her horse and went to hug Envy-san.

A tight, tight hug, and smiling despite the tears.


Following behind the two ladies who had finally calmed down, we enter the church and standing there was another woman.

She too, was a treat for the eyes… her clothes, despite them being slightly worn out, was a nice and neat maid outfit.


“Madam! Why did you suddenly run out-….!!”


The maid too, after seeing Ekress-san’s face looked shocked.


“It can’t be… Ekress-sama… is that you?”

“That’s right Marille! Ekress is alive! She’s dressed in male clothes for some reason, but she’s safe!”

“So, it seems… that’s great… so great…! Please take a seat over there. I’ll get some tea ready right away!”


Marille-san went further into the building with unfaltering steps.

She appeared to be somewhat excited but… that maid, just who is this Marille-san?


“Shuri-kun, that person is Gann-niisan’s mother.”


This time, I was the one who was surprised.

From what I just heard, that person was Gann-san’s mother, Marille Rubber.

Thanking her in my mind for the table, chair and black tea set that had been prepared for us, I sat down. Actually, to prepare such high-quality goods for them, the person who exiled them, Renha-san, probably could be considered rather considerate…


“Ekress, who is this gentleman?”

“Mother. This person is my savior, Shuri Azuma. It was due to his efforts that the main wife… Renha-sama’s evil plots were exposed.”

“I see… that person has finally been overthrown…”


Envy-san seemed to have a rather sad look on her face.

Why does she look like that…? Even though the other person had chased her away, and forced her into this sort of place… why?


“…I was, you know… originally a concubine. I was never that interested in the war for power and authority. If I really had to put myself in those shoes, I was nothing more than an academic who liked domestic affairs. That was what caught the Lord’s eye, and how Ekress was born.

As long as Ekress was alright, I could endure any sort of misfortune. Luckily, it seemed like Ekress was able to inherit my talents, so they weren’t able to simply throw her away, like I was.

I do regret however, not being able to speak with that person one last time. Just to ask her what the point was, to throw me and Marille away to try to gain control of Sounity for herself. Even if she didn’t do that, I would have had Ekress give up her right of heir for the next in line, and Gann never planned to even contend for the next in line in the first place.”

“That’s a little strange. Normally, if your child could be in contention for power, then wouldn’t you let them?”

“Yes. That’s how it normally is. However, both me and the madam are both afraid of obtaining too much power.”

“You are… afraid?”

“You’re Shuri-kun, right? This is just an example but, if you were suddenly told to run a store, would you be able to do it?”


Run a store?


“I think I can.”

“Heh… what would you sell?”

“My cooking. Even though I look like this, I have been a cook for some time.”

“I see.  So you have no problem with ‘Products’. In that case, there’s also ‘Administration’, ‘Finances’ and the ‘Supply’, can you do all that by yourself?”




“That would be rather difficult.”


In truth, in the past I had actually thought about starting up a shop.

However, it never really went past being a hobby, and I had only really cooked for the people I cared about. I never sold it.

It’s not like I’ve ever run a store before as well.

In the first place, running a store is much more difficult than one could imagine.

First there’s the real estate. Do I rent the land? Do I rent a building and build my shop in there? Or do I get a property in my own name?

The shop is something I have to think about too. What sort of shop will it be? Pop themed? A calm and chic theme? Where would I put the air conditioner? What about the kitchen? How big would it be and where would I put it? How would I advertise and what would be my strategy and plans for attracting customers? What sort of direction do I take with the products I sell?

And first and foremost, what sort of customer base do I target? This depends on my cooking, for sure, but that’s another thing that I would have to think about.

Who do I choose as my supplier? The supermarkets? The wholesales? Or do I enter a contract with the farmers? Furthermore, even if I did manage to start my business, there’s tax reports and the accounting. Do I even know an accountant or a tax advisor?

Naturally, even all of the above is just one little part of what I would need to know. A business that deals in food and drink would be even more complicated and involve many more annoying steps, and if I add in whether or not to hire part-timers, the level of complexity would jump up an entire level higher. In addition to that, if I tie the law into this as well, then it would just turn into a straight up labyrinth.

Thinking about all that, I can only say that it would be absolutely impossible for me to do that all on my own. I have neither the education, or the experience.


“You understand, right? Shuri-kun, in order to operate just one store, you would have to either be an expert at everything, or you would require the help of staff members who excel in a particular area. Ekress, Gann, Gingus-sama… everyone, even if they all had their own talents that shine in their respective fields, they have weaknesses in other areas.”


Ekress-san is an expert at domestic affairs.

Gingus-san is an expert at military affairs.

Gann-san is an expert at information gathering.

I see, if we think about the talents that have been developed thus far, even if one of them was standing at the apex of their field, there’s still a chance for problems to arise.


“In spite of this, Gingus-sama had hope. In this war-torn world, a Lord who excelled at military affairs would be able to receive support from their citizens. Whereas Ekress and Gann could be working behind him in the shadows, covering up his shortcomings.”

“Basically, what Mother means is… you had wanted Gingus to be the figurehead, standing at the top, while Gann and I would be in charge of supporting him?”

“Yes. That’s how I would have liked it to turn out. So, who is in charge of the territory at the moment?”


“My commander is.”


Since Ekress-san seemed a little uncomfortable mentioning it, I decided to tell her myself.


“After the wife, Renha-san lost her footing, there was some interference from Newbyst. Gingus-san is Renha-san’s son and so there may have been problems if he was to rule, Ekress-san wished to return to being female, Gann-san never wished to rule in the first place, and since a rebellion could occur due to his questionable birth, our commander has temporarily taken control.”

“I see…. So, you mean to say that the land of Sounity has been taken over by a band of mercenaries.”


Ahh, Envy-san looks down in the dumps… Well of course, just when she thought that the conflict had finally ended, there’s now a mercenary corp occupying the land. Their entire family must be having quite a difficult time accepting this…


“Well, this may just have been what was meant to be. If possible, I would have wanted my daughter and the others to have weathered through this war. Shuri-kun, is that commander of yours trustworthy?”



An immediate reply.


“I trust in Ganglabe-san. If it wasn’t for that person, I would not be here right now. This is just a temporary occupation, but it is a necessary step for the sake of realising Ganglabe-san’s future, and to return peace back to this continent.”

“Do you know the details behind such a plan?”

“Not the nit and grit. I am nothing more than a cook after all.”

“Are you merely not letting yourself find out?”

“I will only do what I can to the best of my extent.”


After all, it’s not possible for me to all of the sudden give appropriate advice to the troops.


“….Fufu, sorry. For saying such mean things.”


Envy-san laughs and said.


“I’m talking about just now. But, it might be fine this way too. After all, even if one of our children had been the one to take command, who knows where and when things may start to crumble. It may be better to have someone else, someone different take the lead, and support them instead.

Just like how you say you are good at cooking and decide to support others through that method. Nevertheless, you have heart. Just doing what you can. To honestly let others do the work that you cannot. Do you know how difficult that really is?”

“Is it really….?”

“It is. After all, most people, once they get the authority think that everything, one or another, is now theirs. It becomes difficult to even find subordinates one can trust, subordinates who one can count on for the tough business, and simple paper work. Thank you, Shuri-kun. For listening to this old lady rant to you for so long.”


I see, when you think about how mercenaries have taken over your land, I guess you would want to rant, seeing as how you, yourself, couldn’t even do anything about it. I guess I’ll let it slide, but it was rather difficult to listen to.

Still, to say that she was an old lady… she looks just like Ekress-san and had that mature woman atmosphere to her. Besides, she looks young… I wonder what sort of Anti-ageing cream she uses…?


“Marille, don’t just sit there, say something.”

“Yes. However, it is about time for dinner so I should start to prepare the food.”


Oro? It’s that time already?


“Please take a seat. Let me cook today.”


In that case, it’s my time to shine.


“I cannot, to make a guest do such a thing is-”

“Let him be, Marille. Since he’s trying to be considerate, it would, in contrary, be rude to not let him cook.”


Ah, I guess I’m busted. Although Marille-san still looks rather troubled.

I mean, Ekress-san has finally come all the way here after all. Ekress-san, Envy-san, Marille-san. All the people who could be considered family, were all gathered here. And it’s been a long time since that has happened, for sure.

Here, it would be best for someone unrelated to them, like me, to stop being a nuisance and let them enjoy a nice conversation with each other.

Stepping foot into the kitchen, I immediately check for all the tools. I brought along my stove and knife but not my pots and ladles since they were rather bulky. The most I brought was a small pot and a wooden spoon. This doesn’t leave much for comfort…

Frying pan, spatula, check… Oh, they have frying pans? I had wanted Riru-san to make me one, but well, this makes it easier. They already have it in this world after all.


“The ingredients…”


Rice, spring onion, chicken and, salt and pepper… also eggs.


“Guess I’ll make some fried rice.”

“Fried rice…!?”


Oh, Wutin-san followed me here?

Her face showed no expressions, but her eyes were clearly sparkling. Why?


“You, is it really alright for you to not be guarding Ekress-san and the others?”

“I was requested, to protect, Shuri.”

“Nonononono! Rather than protecting me, you should be protecting Ekress-san, right?!”


Compared to a mere cook like me, I’m pretty sure that there’s more value in protecting the descendant and family of the Feudal Lord.


“….I do not notice.”


“I… only, take action, by the Princess’, command.” The Princess’ command, was to guard you, to protect Shuri. Anything, the Princess does not, mean, I do not act.

The Princess has, at this moment, judged that Shuri has more value, than Ekress.”

“There’s no way that’s true. That’s not a good enough reason to slack off on your duties, you know.”


I highly doubt that the Princess would give such commands but…

I look suspiciously at Wutin-san and said.


“Fine. But I’m going to be cooking now so don’t get in my…”

“I will not. Definitely will not. I have absolutely, no intention, of that.”

“Is that right…”

“As long as I can eat Fried rice.”


Huh? I could feel a presence like that of Riru-san…!?

Uhh… ok. Let’s start cooking.

First, we prepare the rice. It looks like they made some sort of dish that needed rice in the morning so there’s still some rice left over. We’ll be using this.

First, we put into a bowl, both the rice and the eggs, and mix the eggs with the rice, forming the classic egg on rice dish, Tamago Kake gohan(TKG). It would’ve been awesome if there was Soy sauce, but there doesn’t seem to be any here so we’ll have to make do. Everyone, if you want to make it taste even better, then you’re going to need Soy sauce.

Also, for the best results, the yolk of the egg that you use for the TKG should be of the richer kind.

After that, we put the chicken in and stir-fry it. Once there’s a bit of colour on them, we add in the spring onions as well, and continue the stir-frying process.

Once you’re done with that, that’s when you put in the TKG, and flatten it, evening it out a little. Just like if you were cooking Okonomiyaki.

After about 5 seconds, scatter it about. And with the addition of the pepper to balance out the flavours, you can serve.


“Here, you can have some too, Wutin-san, so be-“


Before I could even finish my sentence and say quiet, I had a spoon and plate snatched away from me by Wutin-san. And then she vanished. Fast….! What the heck, I can’t even see her anymore!

Wutin-san, the expressionless guard who greedily craves for dishes, just what on earth did you come here for really? Eh, did you just come to eat Fried rice? If… that’s how it is, then I have nothing else left I could say…

Bringing along Wutin-san, who continued craving for the Fried rice from behind me, I walked back to where everyone else was. It seems like their conversation had finished for the moment, as Ekress-san and the others all had a smile on their face.


“Everyone, I brought the food. I made Fried rice.”


I place a spoon and plate in front of everyone, and took a step back.

What kind of reaction will they have, I wonder?


“…You cooked a dish, using rice, in such a short time?”


The one who asked with puzzlement, was Marille-san.


“Furthermore, it has such a nice smell… how did you make this?”

“I stir-fried it. One of the secrets is that I used a rather strong flame.”


Oh? Marille-san doesn’t look like she seems to understand.

Let’s save the explanation for next time. I brought the fried rice in front of everyone.


“Do try some.”

“You’re right, it is rather rude to throw all these opinions and questions at you with the food right in front of us. Let us eat.”


Envy-san took a bite of the fried rice.




And was then quiet.


“I told you right, mother? I told you that with Shuri’s cooking, you’ll be shocked at the first bite, and by the second bite, you’ll learn just how delicious it is.”


Ekress-san puffs her chest out, and started to eat the fried rice.


“…Indeed. It is just as Ekress said. Marille, you should try some as well.”

“Ma-madam. As a maid, I am just the waitress- “

“No, Marille. You should eat some too. This is the future, what will shape the future of this continent.”


Timidly, Marille takes the Fried rice that had been placed in front of her with a bit of conflict, and started to eat. Besides, that’s the future? That’s way too much of an exaggeration.


“…Is that so. This dish is…”


Marille-san chewed on the fried rice as if she was trying to figure out all the tastes within.


“It’s so simple, isn’t it? Yet it is very delicious. Egg, and salt and pepper, right? A very simple taste. And, to highlight the flavours, you add in the spring onion, nice and crisp, going very well with the hard rice.

Finally, the chicken. Even as the rice is filled to the brim with the flavour of the chicken, the meat itself still retains its flavours.

I see, it is a very simple dish, but all the minute details have been accounted for.”


It really isn’t as exaggerated as you make it seem.


“I hear that this dish was developed as a dish specially for the staff. In a certain country of my hometown, that is.”

“Using what you have, getting creative with the rice and ingredients that have been leftover. I see, Shuri-kun, your cooking always comes from something close your to heart, right~”


Ekress-san shows her admiration as she continues to eat her fried rice.

It looks like everyone is satisfied with the fried rice, I’m glad.


After that, I cleaned up everyone’s plates, and decided to leave at once.

Cougar-san came to pick me up after all.


“Without you ‘round, our food ain’t tasting great.”

“Aren’t Gann-san and the others around?”

“Ahh, well…. It wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. Much better than what we used to have. But, I mean, it just can’t compare to what you make Shuri.”

“Is that right…”


Maybe I need to up Gann-san and the rest’s training.

I couldn’t leave it as is, so I push Wutin-san to be Ekress-san’s guard and decided to leave.


“No. I am, Shuri’s, guard.”

“Isn’t there a person more important to protect than me. I have to go back now, so I’m leaving this place to you.”


Just like that, I left Wutin-san behind and went back to the corp.

Now then, it’s my turn to do my best, and teach Gann-san and others well.


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Hiroshima styled Okonomiyaki (cause it delish)

And the Fried rice (it’s not the same as the one in the chapter(has more shit) but it says it’s the best fried rice, and you guys deserve the best ❤ )

Next up. Wutin. Also this came out much faster than I thought hmm… maybe this is a sign that I’m gonna fail my 20% 20Q MCQ exam on Thursday… hmm….
Also I’m on a diet ;-; and watching all the food while researching is suffering… maybe i should just quit hahahahaaa…
(cough cough, about halfway through the editing/flow gets trashed a bit cause i wasn’t fully concentrating, cough cough, this could’ve been 15% better maybe)
Also maybe I’ll post a little preview on the facebook page hmm~

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24 thoughts on “Ryouriban – Chapter 47

  1. Why all this empty space between lines of text? I’ve been wanting to read another light novel after how wonderful Spice and Wolf was, but scrolling through all that white space puts me off every time.


    • It’s what happens when I go from google docs, to word, to WordPress. And also it’s the authors format of having a space after dialogs and after time passes. Honestly I’m just copying him *shrug* but yeah, I might try formatting it so it’s a bit more readable next time(1 less enter key press).
      And I haven’t read spice and wolf, all I know is that one of my good friends love it and that there’s economics, but uh… don’t expect anything too good yeah? I’ve been getting better with writing lately but uh…


  2. Bummed about the transphobic slur in this chapter.
    I grew up with a trans friend that was assaulted while called a trap. It’s really vile.
    LGBT folk in Asia, in general, have it hard. There is a such a large queer community out there, but the moment you step outside of the girls’s love and boys’ love style media, you jump into author’s othering / ridiculing folk for laughs, while using slurs that have a violent context
    Still happens around the world, but we’ve started to back the tide of that being ok.

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    • I have no idea trap is considered a slur. Honestly, I like the way I translated that line for the comedic effect. The context as a whole may be offensive to you, and the word trap may have some other meaning to other people, but for me, it’s a ‘straight’ male, who would enjoy dressing in female clothing. I have a friend who does this, and enjoys it a lot.
      I don’t believe the author was trying to offend, and the term he used, Okama, is actually not Trap exactly. It would be more contextually wise to call it Mama, and has stronger connotations towards being a gay male.
      I do understand Japan and other Asian countries generally have little support for the LGBT community (it was one of the presentations for one of my major projects that another group did), compared to the western world, however it is still there, and the world as a whole is being more accepting of it.
      Long winded reply; tldr; I don’t consider trap a slur nor violent. Also I’m sorry for your friend, that’s very unfortunate. And I don’t know where you got the idea of authors ridiculing others. And yes the world is becoming nicer.


      • Thank you for the response.
        I understand a lot of folk might be unaware of term.
        I hope you consider a different solution as a translator in the future.

        The following link is a handy media guide for referring to different individuals.

        The use of the word trap originated from porn, and later drifted into word commonly use to harass online Trans folk online. It’s bleed over into the widespread violence they face in their everyday lives in the real world.
        It’s use as a slur is widespread.

        As for a cis gendered male who crossdresses, you might consider femme, as a word.
        In the case of the translation it could read as a person confused about being attracted to a character with a male gender identity, while reacting to being in a situation where they feel feminine.
        It’s good to know the author did not use the word trap.
        Trap specifically refers to the idea of manipulation, and it even been used in court cases to justify the murder of Trans women in the us and abroad.

        Reading a lot of Chinese and Japanese webnovels, many have derogatory stereotypes played for laughs with regard to queer folk in general.
        From, “This gay man is going to rape me!” Jokes, to “You look like a women” insults made between male combatants. This is what I was referring with regard to using lgbt folk as punchlines.
        Thank you for considering this comment and working on this translation.

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      • I did a quick google search on the word after my comment, but yea I’m pretty surprised it’s actually an offensive word. I think it’s just how I use the word in my day to day life, it gradually changed from a guy who pretends to be a girl to get guys( my initial understanding when I found out) to now, where among my group of friends, is generally used as a very broad term for guys who crossdress…
        Or maybe it’s just me who thinks that, and my friends do want to trap… Hmm…
        The problem with using different words in translation, as you say, is that a lot of people are unaware of certain terms, such as femme(I’ve only ever known about femme fatale, and considered the femme word to just mean female), whereas I would believe trap to be a much more known term.
        Taking a step back I could’ve also used to the term Okama, itself. But then suddenly I’m not translating words. Mama of the Mercenary Corp, also brings forth a different sort of connotation and can confuse others on the actual meaning perhaps.

        Translatings hard~ uguuu

        Ps. Unpopular opinion, I think people need to tolerate each other more.


      • @coolizer, don’t worry, you aren’t alone in that the term trap doesn’t mean anything offensive in my friend group. Using trap was very suitable to me when I was reading it, and it made me laugh due to my understanding of the word as basically a nice looking (straight) cross-dressing guy. Just want you to know that your original intention of the term got through to at least one person u v u

        I was not away that it was a slur either though. I hope that one day all these offensive words stop getting integrated into common slang as jokes with alternative meanings…

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    • Yes, i’ve been finally translating again and the next chapter is finished. However there’s still editing to do which may take a while. so eta is 24 hours. (unless other circumstances o3o)


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