The World Is Full of Monsters So I’ll Live As I Like – Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Blue. I’m bored again so I’m going to translate a novel with Coolizer. Nice to meet you readers. Here’s the synopsis.
Edit: This is Cool. I’m busy and he’s bored. A great combination! Enjoy 🙂


On his way back from work, our hero runs over a big doggo.

In that moment, he heard a sound coming from his head.

<< You have subjugated a monster. You gained experience points>>


The world had changed in the blink of an eye.

Into a game-like world where there were monsters, levels, skills and status.

This is a story of our world that has been changed into a modern fantasy, and our hero’s epic to do his best and survive.

Author: Yosshaa!

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The World Is Full of Monsters So I’ll Live As I Like – Chapter 1 Prologue

“Well then, I’ll be leaving first.”

After saying goodbye to my co-workers, I left the company.

It’s been 3 years since I got a job in a black company.

Today’s worked ended surprisingly early.

Although I say that, I’m already two hours later than scheduled.

Yay, goddammit.

But it’s a holiday tomorrow.

I’m happy, really happy.

I’m reading a web-novel that I had bookmarked.

That’s exactly how I’ll be spending my vacation.

Naturally, I turn off my smartphone so I won’t get any emergency calls from my boss.

I can’t stop my excitement.

Haaa, I’m so happy..

Can’t believe it, I’m happy just because I can go  home early and rest.

Unbelievable. I want to quit my job.

But even if I quit, I won’t necessarily find one with a better working environment.

A colleague got sick of the company and quit but the company he found was even more of a black company than this one, so every time I want to quit, I can’t help but think of him.

But I’m such a corporate slave for thinking that the workplace environment will eventually improve


Let’s go home first.

I drive my car and get on the route back.

It’s 30 minutes drive to get back home.

In my shitty apartment in the suburbs, and my parents are already dead. My lonely single life.

It was completely dark outside. I should be careful when I drive.

If I get tired and run someone over, it really won’t be a joke.(It won’t exactly be a joke if I fall asleep at the wheel and run someone down)

Well, it’s unlikely too, that there’ll be an accident because there are almost no cars around here. (I’ll get into an accident)

Oh, but I am feeling sleepy.

Crap, It seems like I’m going to bed soon as I get home.

Nah, I should at least check for any updates…….

I guess I shouldn’t have been driving when I was so drowsy.


The sound of hitting something.

“W… what?”

For a moment I didn’t understand what happened.

No, my mind refused to accept what happened.

Because, no matter how you think about it, that sound is—.

“H, hit …… no way?”

What? What did I hit?

It’s an animal right? A dog or a cat.

Please just be an animal.

No, even then I’d feel pretty bad, but at least it wouldn’t be a person.

My life would be over.

I stop the car and get off.

With the car’s headlights shining, lying there was—

“… A dog? No…”

I feel like it’s too big for a dog.

There are people that size.

And what? The fur is overflowing with a wild feel, it’s clearly not a Japanese dog.

A wolf? No, it’s bigger than that.

Could it be a foreign breed?

Were there any rich people around here in this neighbourhood?

Oh, but I’m relieved it wasn’t a a person.

No, but are problems with this too.

I don’t know what to say if the owner found me.

I might be asked for a consolation fee.

I glimpse at the surroundings.

Yes, there’s no one around.

…Maybe I should escape now?

Shit, isn’t this what a hit-and-runner would think?

“—Haa… haa”


I was surprised and a strange voice came out.

It’s alive?

Looking at the fallen dog, it’s faint, but moving.

W-what should I do?

Is it better for me to take it to a pet hospital…?

But how will I explain it?

Let’s take a look at the wound.

I approached the falling dog.

Wow, such intensity.

It throwing up blood from its mouth. Also, it’s body is bent in a weird way.

…No matter how I see it, there’s no way I can save it….

Oh, there’s no collar. As expected it’s wild…?

“S, sorry, I was daydreaming, I’m really sorry….”

What would apologizing do?

“—Haa… haa”

The dog looked at me with trembling eyes.

Are those eyes blaming me?

I unconsciously touched the dog.

“Sorry… really I’m sorry…”

As I said that, the dog slowly closed my eyes.

—It died.


It’s an indescribable feeling.

Really, what should I do?

In the meantime, if it’s a wild should I bury it somewhere?

Or should I contact a public health center—.

«—You gained experience value. Kudou Kazuto’s LV has risen to 1»


What was that voice?

«—Confirming first subjugation in Chaos · Frontier»

«First · Subjugation Bonus is given»

«Skill “Rapid Development​” gained»

I heard it again.

It sounded like the synthetic voice of a machine.

“W-who’s there?”

I look around but there’s no one there.

An auditory hallucination​? No, no way, you’re joking. There’s no way I’d hear it so clearly…

And that voice just now.

“…It kind of sounded like a game announcement…”

No, no …No way.

Crap. It seems like I’m really losing my mind.

Anyway, let’s get this dog—, huh?

There’s nothing.

The dog’s corpse— is gone.

The corpse of the dog has abruptly dissapeared as if it was never there.


W-what’s going on?

Did I see an illusion?

No no, that’s stupid.


Right around where the corpse of a dog was there’s now a purple stone the size of a marble.

“What’s this?”

An unbelievably big dog for Japan.

A game-like announcement that played as soon as the dog died.

And now the stone that’s right where the dog’s corpse was.

“Is it loot? …heh, what am I saying.”

Did my brain get fried from working too much?

Yes, I’m so busy my brain must be showing me hallucinations.

That has to be it.

“There was no dog from the beginning, I didn’t hit anything.”

Yes, that’s right, that must be it.

“…Let’s go home… oh, I’m so sleepy…”

I put the purple stone in my pocket and started driving again.

Right, let’s go straight to sleep today.

That’s probably for the best.

However — it was only after this incident, that I realised this was neither a dream nor an illusion, but reality.

At this moment, what was happening in the world?

At this moment, what was happening to me?

At this moment, I didn’t know yet.

[Skill: Rapid Development]

A skill that is given to the first human to kill a monster in this new world where the two worlds have fused.

An enormous amount of correction is applied when obtaining experience points.

Those with this skill will attract people, be guided by fate and will surely becoming a hero.

TL Notes:

Black company (ブラック企業) is a Japanese term for an exploitative sweatshop-type employment system. Basically a company that treats their employees like slaves.

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  1. You know, this should totally be used as material for learning how to translate in Japanese xD it’s rather rare to have 3 different copies of the same chapter nowadays 😛


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