UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 21


This was many days later cause i was relaxing max. Playing Tekken. GGO. Hair loss… uhh. Reading novels. 🙂

also link to this site on reddit. okay. thankx.

And I got my damn True Inferno Scythe. Went from none to one. And honestly I’m too tired already. Luckily the boss was easy enough. Now im trying to grind for Tier 4. 😦 and Murgleis 4* 😦  monkaS don’t hack me


[Google Drive]

[Facebook… i don’t think i need to link it here actually… lol]

All other chapters are here.

I didn’t update it last time. I had work? I have nothing to say. I have become a boring system of government. Also the English manga is out so something will happen to me probably. Let’s keep an eye out boys and ladies 🙂

Kicking me out of relevance 🙂

13 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 21

  1. lol, ive finally gotten around to host my bunch of raids. But now theres barely anyone joined cause they probably finished. Need 1 more axe and katana


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