UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 22

Here’s to a new chapter cheers!

Share this post when linking to reddit please. It’s 4.23am and I stayed up to do this ;-; (after work too TT)


[Google Drive]

Rest of the chapters here. Go to Konobuta Translations on facebook if you want to read it there for whatever reason lol?? :cryShrug:

Oh I saw a comment on novelupdates saying manga is harder?longer? than novel tl. I mean… not really? depends on length. One chapter of uchimusu novel is about 1 hour if I concentrate, 1.5-2 hours  + edit.  manga, (the times when I did everything by myself), fastest 3-4 hours? Oh so it does take longer hurhur… but honestly the manga is always more fun~ so it more than makes up for it :))

I’ll probably be working on Ryouriban on monday or tuesday again. And it’s going to be scheduled to come out on Wednesday even if I finish it earlier. …maybe tuesday. Hm. 😐

Also to the people who always ask on reddit why theres a typholosion. It’s cause its cute and Johto is my favourite. Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typholosion are all QUALITY ❤ (but for real it was just a random pic i found in my pictures folder lol, but it cute o3o)

Oh and, new favourite old song:


14 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 22

  1. I’m literally about to faint. So i’m gonna jump in my unmade bed and make it in the morning when I wake up. Also apparently sodapoppin is live :thinking:


  2. “Oh I saw a comment on novelupdates saying manga is harder?longer? than novel tl.”
    Really just depends on how much of a perfectionist you want to be when editing the manga…


  3. I really like this manga. Thanks a lot for your translation… the story’s just so sweet! (i always read it through batoto, but today i have subscribed to your feed directly.)


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