UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 23

Link this page when posting to reddit or other sites cause i need data to know which sites to stalk. kthx.

Hey guys, I is back from Nippon land. It was very hot.

Where else do people read this manga i wonder?



[I’ll just update fb if i want to]

Other chapters here.

I’ll get back in the groove of streaming when I finally start watching other people stream. ok cool. (man i probably lost so many potential viewers by fucking off to japan… oh wait… why didn’t i just stream japan??? wait… oh gawd… i’m an idiot……)

So I can’t really link pics cause then people are like, why are there weird thumnails hmmmm???? So i’l probably post it over on the fb page when I have a bit more time and don’t have to eat dinner?? Also my net is really shit atm sigh… when will AU net git gud.

Btw guys, play me in Tekken :3

Also comment if you want more of the translated drama cds? cause they’re a lot of work and I need data. (y)

Also more data i need is what you think about me?

I’m gonna make a strawpoll for all of these!! HAHAHAHA

Strawpolls are fun. I think I’ve been too serious lately~ Also I’m a neet now guys~ I’ve finished my degree!! All my friends are working or going to uni and I’m at home watching youtube and translating!! …can i get money to go to Japan again? that was nice… I want to be able to buy cheap alcohol anywhere, anytime of the night, and eat curry and katsudon anytime of the night for CHEAP! most good meals only cost like $10, unlike here where a good meal costs at least $15! grrr, $5 is expensive yo.

This isn’t a rant post. I’ll stop it here. Hope you guys have a lovely day 🙂


12 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 23

  1. I wonder if you’re drunk. When I ask that, I think I know you are.

    And after searching up that artist’s name, I saw that most of his doujin work was non-h touhou stuff.


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