UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 24

do whatever you want reddit dudes. (naturally i prefer ya’ll linking here) cause this month im too obsessed with mhw to care. and maybe getting yakuza 0… maybe… (man being neet is fun)



Read the rest here

AND ALSO DID YOU KNOW THE ENGLISH MANGA IS OUT?? GO BUY IT… and then Someone send it to me 😡 i’m poor.

Man that was a great poll last week. Hey next chapter is scheduled to be next week, can you believe it? I can’t. But I’ll trust my hota brother. It’ll add a bit of a workload how fun. And people who don’t read this will never know hahahaha… unless they check the raws page for themselves 😡 and honestly who would care since i release my stuff literally the day after anyway.

New polls!

Are you playing MHW?

What weapons do you recommend? cause i didn’t realise charge blade was a super hard weapon and just went for it, and it’s been okay but switch axe is definitely much easier 😡

I also started like so many casual games man, like you wouldn’t believe.
GBF as always, bless be these free draws, but also at this point i don’t really need them. And i don’t have summer zoey but i don’t need her >:x fight me.

Girls Frontline – it’s nice getting back into something similar to Kancolle after all this time

Bangdream – i love rhythm games and finally there’s one that isn’t all love live and idolmaster and honestly i just finally got a phone that can run it 😡

Princess connect – i don’t know how im feeling about this… though i am 2-3 weeks in?

It’s hard being a weeb gamer.

37 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 24

  1. if you ever want to play dota or warframe or no man sky together, tell me. youre from Ausie right? Im from SEA so i think we can still play together.


    • Do you like slaying big ass dragons?
      Do you like spending hours on hours learning how to make clank as weapons not clank and smooth af? And also do you have at least $40usd, cause the game is pretty steep, if so jump on the bandwagon my dude


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