Finally I can post memes and what not now that the chapter is done

AHHHHH… tired. Slept for 4 hours… zzz. Been watching the pokemon streams on twitch for the past few weeks which means I’ve been sleeping at 4,5am everyday for the last 4 weeks… am i gonna die? Cool.

Because of that I started to play Pokemon again. (Also cause I finally switched to ANdroid so I can actually do stuff)
But then again… is this really pokemon I wonder? :thinking:

Anyway I had a bunch of random stuff to say that I felt I couldn’t say until I did something meaningful… I don’t know why. that’s just how i am i guess. You gotta provide if you wanna receive.

And i posted this on facebook as well but did y’all hear about the new 4 seasons of SAO? SAO is pretty great but i feel like it was advertised somewhat inaccurately. It was never about the game, but the characters, and specifically Kirito as the protagonist. Log horizon was about the players within the game, with the game and the features and how the players deal with it being the focus. .hack… i still need to watch root. But sign was about Kite right? Like, character focus, but mystery was shrouding the show, and gave it an appeal. Twilight was weird though… I liked it back then but anyway. I haven’t seen Overlord apart from when the manga was first published. But it seems to be on the first route, with the main focus on one character.

That wasn’t where I was going at all…
I was trying to say that y’all should be thanking SAO that I’m translating novels instead of eroge 😛 Raizu can confirm.

Furthermore, I just have to say but Mushoku Tensei was just really good wasn’t it. Every now and then I just think back to the scene where Rudi finds his father again and I just tear up. I think that entire scene just relates to me so much. I mean the premise for the show itself relates to me minus the scummy web novel aspect a little. But yea… Mushoku tensei was good. I’m gonna go reread that scene a bit once I finish this.

Anyway… what else have I been up to. Monster Hunter. I have 170hours now. I went from Charge Blade main (All of Low rank), Switch Axe (Till HR 49), and now I love Greatsword. I will stand by Nergigante being my favourite monster to fight, although Tempered hits hard. Kushala is annoying. Vaal is just easy. Kirin is fun, and my way of defeating it is so unorthodox lol. I trap myself within the little canyon and just jump it with my greatsword LUL But yeah, i think i’m almost done with Monster hunter for now. I haven’t been able to play very well lately. 😦 When Deviljho came out i could solo it easy, and even kill Tempered Kirin ez… now I keep carting… Old man life… or maybe it’s cause I’ve been sleeping at 4am :thinking:

Beat the game with the left, current set on the right. Divine Protection saved me in the past but not as useful now 😦
Been playing Tekken 7 again too. Turns out people use the Dpad and not the analog stick lol… no wonder my inputs felt so inaccurate… I can do 10 hit combos with Leo now o3o

I’m watching Pokemon as I write this so I’m all relaxed with little to vent. My eyes do sting though. Like I said 4 hours of sleep sucks. I posted that on twitter but I was kinda worried too, what if people were like ‘ 4 hours, i only sleep 2 reeeee’. But well… let’s just say we both have it bad, okay?

Going back to me playing GBA games on my android, I came across Summon Night: Swordcraft Story again. Those were my absolute favourite games when I was a kid. ALong with Harvest moon, pokemon and advance wars. It’s funny cause I played Swordcraft story 3 even though it was all japanese. and somehow managed to beat the game lol.

Good memories. I married Ann btw. And never beat advance wars… : x

It’s Spring now and the mosquitoes are back 😦 I’m so itchy. And there’s daddy long legs and spiders in my room 😦 Man I never know what to do with the daddy long legs. They so chill, like do i kill them?

Also had an interview the other day. Probably fucked up. They asked me how much pizza does my town sell in a month. I mean… fuck, okay? But then I went and did my math wrong cause I panicked so i said 3500 x 3.5 = 4500 instead of 11500.. i corrected myself but boi does that look bad :v

………………….I’m gonna share a little something her

“It’s got quite a bit of electricity stored up hasn’t it, let it discharge.”
“My, it’s already full?”
“You’ve gotten stronger haven’t you, good boi.” (or more accurately gotten more electric capacity but heck i translate how i like now)
Pg 2
“Ah, hey! Don’t touch the parts that aren’t covered by the rubber glove!”
“How convenient…”
“Nope. I say this every time but I won’t go , you know? Not even if you make that face.”

ain’t that cute.

From here below I’ll share a half translated thing (author told me to stop):

It’s honestly not that good but if you want more shit in my style?

Looking back through my docs, I have like 2-3 other projects I’ve half translated but never continued.

Anyway I’m gonna end it here cause I haven’t eaten anything. Adios.

check reddit for memes… post them here for me thanks. 🙂
Also who knew that Ryouriban might turn into shuri harem :/ oh well. Also I posted Wutin on the poll as a joke back then but to think it might be true lol.

9 thoughts on “Finally I can post memes and what not now that the chapter is done

  1. lmao. You still remember the old time, huh? XD

    I’m currently helping with Amayui project (eroge from Eushully).
    Additional TLr/TLCr would be helpful here. We have translated the big chunk of the script.
    However, there is still a lot of stuffs need to be done.

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