Ryouriban – Chapter 50

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Chapter 24, Wedding Ceremony and Grilled Lobster (Part 1)


Hello, hello everyone. It’s me, Shuri.

Ekress-san and Envy-san managed to reunite with each other successfully, and with this the burdens over their shoulders will gradually lift.

Just as always, the people of the town hold a somewhat negative opinion on me, and the cooks who had gone on strike still haven’t returned but that’s comparing apples to oranges, that is that, and this is this. Everything is fine!
I mean, we seem to be able to get by one way or another, so I think I have no choice but be firm and just tell them, ‘If you want to quit then quit.’ Thanks to Ganglabe-san’s support I’ve gotten some extra people under my wing as well.

In any case, they’re chefs in their own right. They’ll probably be able to find work one way or another.

Beside I don’t have the time to worry about that right now.

Why? Ain’t it obvious?

Naturally, it’s to fulfill a promise.


“Come on! Hurry up over there! Keep your hands moving!!”


I roar to the crowd, delegating tasks out to my kitchen staff. Replies echo one another as everyone responds, voices full of vigor.

I too am rocking a frying pan, doing my part.
“You there! That’s the wrong plate! Use this one for that! We don’t have time for mistakes!”


An angry tone that I would hardly ever use suddenly came out from my mouth.


“Ye-yes, sir! I’m sorry!”

“Save it! Keep moving after you reply! Move it!”


Furthermore, my cooks weren’t moaning and groaning, but were instead trying their best. I’m thankful, happy that they aren’t wasting their energy.

Preparing the plates, the food, setting the tables… If we don’t plan for everything and give it our very best, then we’ll be put into an utterly helpless situation. Since I’m the one giving out the orders I’m pulling through somehow, but my cooks are a complete mess. They’ve got to move their arms and legs as if their lives depended on it.


Right now, what we were so desperately laboring ourselves with was the banquet for the wedding ceremony.

That’s right, to fulfil the promise for Ganglabe-san, who had just acquired the territory, and his fiancée Ahrius-san.

Their wedding ceremony was to be a glorious event.
It all started about one week ago, from when I egged Ganglabe-san on to just do it, telling him ‘It’s about time isn’t it? It isn’t good to make your lover keep waiting on you, you know?”

Hearing that, Ganglabe-san looked at me as if he had realised something and agreed.

Should this be a normal wedding then a lot more time would be needed for such a large event to be organized, however countless miscalculations were made in this instant.
Firstly, I myself had underestimated the difficulty of preparing a wedding banquet. After all, cooking was nothing more than a hobby of mine. My skills had improved due a lot of practice, but preparing a banquet was on a completely different level… When it comes to the planning of formal events like a wedding, there were just way too much that I don’t know.

And given that I had said that I would make it work within one week, we were now in this mess of a situation.
There’s just so much I have to consider… from preparing the ingredients, to selecting the plates, to the type of food on each table etc… I’m such an idiot…ugh.


In addition to all of the above reasons making me so busy, I was told that the envoys from Oritol and Alturia had come.

Where, you say? I’m sure there’re a few of you who’ve forgotten so let me kindly give you a recap.

Oritol was the country where Cougar-san was invited to participate in a trial contest.

Alturia was the Magic Engineering Capital where Ahrius-san was once insulted to be one of their concubine.

Why did they come? Was what me, and everyone else was confused about. Why are they here for the wedding ceremony involving the members of a mere Mercenary corps?

While we were thinking that, Princess Tebis said with a laugh.


“We called for them. It should be expected for a marriage between your members as the fame of you fellows have already spread far and wide.

We approached these two countries as they held some semblance of a relationship with you in the past.”

“They sure took it well. Actually, is it really okay for them to be called over like this?”

“On the other hand, they most probably would not be present at the call of just Ganglabe and Ahrius. They have to uphold their status as the Lord after all. No, they responded to Our invitation. Besides, the more the merrier for a wedding ceremony.”

“No, rather, why would Oritol and Alturia come? Given that Cougar screwed Oritol over, and I screwed Alturia over.”

“They accepted immediately after I sent the contact. Oritol seemed to want to meet Cougar again and the leadership in Alturia had changed recently. That King seems to want to come to pay his respects.”


“Who knows. It’s all good as long as that foolish Prince didn’t become king. For example, if there was an excellent specimen born from a concubine and raised to be the king. On the other hand, what exactly did you do there?”


What I did, you ask? I just showed off my knife a little and made some curry that’s all.


“Nothing really…”

“Are you kidding? You have no need to lie. We know all about it. We know that their prince had offered an invitation towards you. And because of that We had charged them with an offense.”

“Well, as a result Alturia seemed to have suffered quite a bit. After all the prince had done something ridiculous without first ascertaining your identity, and the king had exposed himself as foolish for not considering his own country’s situation. Consequently, leading to the king retiring and the prince being disinherited and thrown into some low rank position. Hahaha, serves them right.”



I had so much I wanted to say to that, but I didn’t really want to get into it.
By the way, it seems that Ganglabe-san heard about this as well.

Newbyst, Oritol, Alturia, were all famous countries on this continent. He said that having the envoys come from these countries to celebrate the wedding was a good thing.

Ahrius-san accepted this as well.

It’s just that both Ganglabe-san and Ahrius-san were super surprised. They didn’t seem to think that they would actually come.


Just like this, everything just kept piling on top of each other until it became a complete battlefield. Yeah, that’s right, it’s all because I underestimated the workload, sorry, I’ll reflect on it.

Anyway, that’s how it was leading up to the special day.

Since we ordered it urgently from Princess Tebis, who prepared the ingredients for us, we managed somehow on the ingredients aspect. On the other hand, I promised her that I would treat her to a full course meal beginning with Mapo Tofu. Oh well, it’s the price I have to pay.

Just when things were finally going smoothly, right when we were more or less ready with the setting up of everything, someone suddenly barged into the kitchen.


“Shuri! You here!?”


It was Cougar-san, dressed in all his gear. Cougar-san was supposed to be taking care of our guests from Oritol and Alturia for this coming event but…

By the way, if you were wondering why he had this role, it was because he was the one with the face most fitting for it. This is exact type of situation where you make use of the hot boy.

However, Cougar-san was looking quite alarmed right now. I wonder what happened?


“What’s wrong Cougar-san? Don’t you know that I’m so busy here I would even ask a cat to lend me a hand?”

“Soz! But Ganglabe just won’t come out of his room!”




“What do you mean he won’t come out from his room?”

“It’s exactly like it sounds…. He’s locked himself inside and won’t come out no matter what we say!”



That can’t be good, right?


“By the way, the messengers…”

“Just come…! If we don’t get Ganglabe and Ahrius to greet them soon, it’s going to be rude as!”

“Understood! Let’s hurry!”


I handed down some instructions to my cooks and then left my station. Following that I hurried along with Cougar-san, running all the way to the room Ganglabe-san was in.

Just what the heck are you doing Ganglabe-san! At such a busy time!


“I’ll just ask now but, Cougar-san?”


“It’s about Ganglabe-san and Ahrius-san. They haven’t been acting weird or anything have they? Like, getting anxious, or having second thoughts or anything…”


I heard about these types of situations happening back on Earth as well. Which is why I proceeded to ask Cougar-san as we ran.

Cougar-san too pondered for a little bit, before making a face as if he had realised something.


“Speaking of which, as the day to the wedding gradually came closer, they’ve been saying that they haven’t been feeling too well. How do I say this, they would come to me asking for advice about their future as well, like, ‘Is this really what I should be doing?’ and stuff like that.”


Ahh, just as I had thought. There’s no doubt about it.

The so-called pre-marital jitters. This is bad. It’s when before your wedding, you think about the future of your marriage and start worrying with the anxiety just piling on and on, and you just can’t help but become more and more scared about what’s to come and your decisions.

I thought about the solution as I ran. The solution on how to calm down the two’s anxiety.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a problem that could just be solved out of nowhere. After all, this concerns their future.

It’s natural to be worried but being married probably means that you’ve overcome that as a couple right… no, perhaps this is just something that’s difficult for me to picture given that I’ve never been married, nor even gone out with someone.


“Well, let’s try to get Ganglabe-san out from his room first, I guess?”

I mutter such as we arrived in front of the room. This was the room designated for Ganglabe-san to get changed.

Since it is a wedding outfit there’s plenty of things to get ready. Like… his hair? Sorry, I really don’t know the specifics.


“Ganglabe-san~ Could you come out please~?”


I said as I knocked on the door. In as kind a voice as I could manage, considerate, so as to refrain from making the person inside more anxious. I turn the doorknob, but it seems like it had been locked.
Right now they are in a place where they need to have a good, calm think about their future. I can’t excite them.


“Everyone’s waiting for you~ Are you feeling unwell?”

“Ahh, no, just give me a minute. I just want to think a-”

“How annoying. Cougar-san. Please.”

“Got it.”


At my signal Cougar-san kicked the door down. As if we could wait, you idiot. I don’t have the time for this.


The guests have already arrived, you think we still have time for this charade?


“Wha-, what are you guys doing!?”


Inside, Ganglabe-san was staring back at us with a face of complete shock, looking extremely confused. Looks like he didn’t expect us to use force at all.

However, who cares about that right now. We have just one thing to do.


“Ganglabe-san. I’ve heard everything… that you’re concerned about your future, and that you’ve been worried with a lot.”


Hearing me say that, Ganglabe-san looked rather uncomfortable.


“Ah, yeah… I have been thinking about quite a lot.”


…Then Ganglabe-san attempted to speak his mind to us.


“Ahrius is, just as she appears, an incredibly beautiful person. If she is to marry me, then I can see that the road off us would be tough, and that I’ll have to subject her to that. If that were the case, I would rather her join the Magic squad of some other country and I’m sure a Prince over there would take one look at her and fall head over heels for her. If that happens she would be happier…”

“You damn idiot!!”


I kick the nearby table flying as I roared out. The chair was pretty heavy. My shin hurts.


“Listen here Ganglabe and listen well. I’m only going to say this once.”

“H-hey Shuri, you’re sounding like a thug…”

“Shut up. Listen.”


I inch up to Ganglabe-san, grab his collar and say to him.


“Ahrius-san, knowing the pain and gruesome fate that lies ahead of her, chose to be together with you. That’s what happiness is. She believes that happiness is overcoming all the pain, all the tough times – all of it – together with you, which is why she chose you.”


I pull my face closer to Ganglabe-san as I continue.


“So, what is she gonna do if your gonna start acting all worried? The Ganglabe I know is a stronger person than this. Are you really trying to imply that the man who is going to support an entire country from here out can’t even support the woman he loves? Don’t say such pathetic thing.”


Ganglabe-san looked as if he had suddenly realised something and hung his head in shame.

Alright, I think I’ve said all that I needed to. I let go of Ganglabe-san.

If he doesn’t wake up after all I’ve said to him, then I don’t think he would qualify to be human. I’m talking about Ganglabe-san of course. He is a man who possesses the strength and courage to brave through every single one of his battles and terrible encounters so far. He’ll have to manage the rest on his own.


“So Ganglabe-san. Please live a good, and happy life with the person you love.”

“O-oi, Shuri.”

“I still have a place to be. Ahrius-san is looking forward to this day as well, right? There’s no time to waste standing around.”


I send a signal to Cougar-san.


“Sorry, I have to hurry Cougar-san. Can I leave the rest to you?”

“Oh, leave it to me.”

“Alright, I’m counting on you.”


I say that and then dashed out of the room, heading over to Ahrius-san’s room this time. I don’t have much time. I need time to prepare the food, and time to plate the dishes and serve them, and prepare the drinks and more and more…

Although I can understand having pre-marital jitters, couldn’t you have had them a few days earlier, so I could have dealt with them then….

Thinking that there’s no point complaining about this out loud, I kept quiet and ran until I finally arrived in front of Ahrius-san’s dressing room. Why in the world they decided to have her dressing room this far away I will never understand, geez…

There were already people standing in front of her door. It looked like they were knocking on the door, saying something.


“Ekress-san, Riru-san. What’s wrong?”


Yes, standing in front of the door was Riru-san and Ekress-san with a rather troubled expression.


“Huh? Shuri-kun, why are you here?”

“Don’t worry about that, I was worried that Ahrius-san got the pre-marital jitters… uh, I mean, might have something on her mind so I came to take a look.”

“…Ahrius won’t come out.”


Ekress-san looks at me, seeming rather shocked to see me, while Riru-san pointed to the door and said with a rather troubled expression. Looks like there’s a similar incident over here.

They really deserve to be Husband and Wife! They’re perfect for each other.

I ask as I approached the two of them.


“Riru-san, since when did Ahrius-san begin to act like this?”

“…After she finished getting dressed and everyone went out, she locked the door. We can’t go in, and she won’t answer when we call out for her either…”

“I see. Alright, let’s force our way in.”


As if we can afford to waste time doing stuff like this. I just want to do my motivating thing and go back to work already.

Perhaps surprised that I would say that, Ekress-san looked rather worried.


“You can’t, I mean, forcefully entering a lady’s room is a little, you know….?”

“Doesn’t matter. I did the same for Ganglabe-san after all. I’ll get this over and done with real quick.”

“Riru agrees. If we keep this up, Ahrius’s worries might keep piling up on top of one another. That’s why, dooooon!”


Riru-san, agreeing with my suggestion, put her hand to the door.

As her hand touched the door, the magic letters carved on her arm begin to glow as a response.

Just when I thought the light would be passed down onto the door, the door begins to creak strangely as it began to twist itself apart, opening up as everything, lock and all, is destroyed.

Huh, so this is the magic letter for this kind of magic… this is the first time I’ve seen her do this!


“W-what’s going on?”


I could hear Ahrius-san’s confused voice within.

I whisper to Ekress-san.


“I don’t really think I can go in, so I’ll leave this to you two.”

“Eh? The mastermind behind all this destruction and chaos is just gonna run away now?!”

“Didn’t you say so yourself, Ekress-san? That this is a lady’s room? So, it’s something that I don’t associate myself with. No touchi. But…”


It’s true that nothing will be accomplished at this rate so let me just say the things I want to first.


“Ahrius-san. Can you hear me?”


I rest my back against the wall next to the door and said.


“Eh? Shuri? Is that you over there, Shuri?”

“Yes. I don’t think it’s appropriate of me to peek inside nor do I think that I should go inside, which is why please just let me say what I have to from out here.”


I’m not quite sure how Ahrius-san reacted inside but, there was something that I had to say to her no matter what.


“Ahrius-san. Do you believe in Ganglabe-san?”



How quick. And with such a confident, firm voice.


“Most likely, what your worried about is something on the lines of ‘Am I right for Ganglabe? For a man with the vision and talent capable of acquiring a country for himself, there is surely someone better than me for him to marry…. Better yet, he could invite some princess from a neighbouring country, and that person with the legitimate royal bloodline can take forefront, while it’ll be better for me to stay behind as the concubine’, right?”


…No response. Was I really right? Seriously, these two deserve each other. For these two to have such similar trains of thought, they shouldn’t have had to need to worry about anything.

No, perhaps they worry because they’re so similar. How bad of me. I still have much to learn about the thing known as a couple.

It’s because they’re so similar that they would worry about the same thing and each other. In addition, these two are smart people, yet in spite of that they have such terrible ideas. As well as the cold rationality of being able to sacrifice themselves for the other if it was the best thing to do.

Geez, I’m pretty sure that’s not how marriage work.


“It’ll be alright. Because everyone, Ganglabe-san, me, we all believe that the two of you are perfect for each other. No matter how or what happens, the two of you would be together. After all, that’s how deep your bond for each other are.

Which is why, you don’t have act like a grown-up. Just be happy.”


Even as I said my bit, there was no response from within. And thus, I end my role here.


“Ekress-san, Riru-san. Can I leave the rest to you?”

“Alright. Leave it to us. Since you’ve set things up so well, we’ll do our best to pull Ahrius out of there.”
Riru-san and Ekress-san said and then entered the room. It’s girl’s hour from here on. Time for the girls to work. It has nothing to do with me, a boy.

I gently push myself off from the wall and walked towards the kitchen. Geez, I’m not used to this. There’s no way I can continue to pretend to be these two married fools’ marriage counselor.

At best I just mean-heartedly broke down their doors, then delegated the work to everyone else. Since Cougar-san, Riru-san, Ekress-san is dealing with the rest, guess I’ll go back to doing my work.



There’s no recipe just yet so filler image from here

Also how long did it take for you to finish the last chapter? For super long post (13k words) like the previous one, should I divide it into smaller chunks for easier reading?
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