Ryouriban – Chapter 53

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Chapter 24, Wedding Ceremony and Grilled Lobster (Part 4)


“Mhmm, spectacular.”


Hello, Shuri here. I’m finally done with that uber annoyingly one-of-mind couple.

Seriously, those two are like two peas in a pod. They fit each other so well that I doubt they can even fit into any other pods.

And yet they kept droning on and on… just go and get married already you freakin’ normies!

Oops, my true self showed itself there.


“Excuse me waiter. Some wine over here please.”



I respond to the voice calling over for me and bring some of the wine over.

Right now, Ganglabe-san and Ahrius-san were right in the middle of their wedding ceremony.

Now, after all the hellish kitchen preparations, setting up, and selection for the cups and plates had finally been completed, I’m currently serving as the waiter for the ceremony.

The largest hall was chosen to be the location of the ceremony and lots of guests had been invited to come.

That’s right, there were A. Lot. Of. Guests.

It was a lot more than I had expected as all of the more reputable fellows from all the nearby villages, towns, and countries had come to attend this wedding. Just as I would expect from the grand Princess Tebis! Her reputation precedes her!

That’s right, this was all thanks to Princess Tebis. There were a lot of people attending this wedding due to the fact that the invitations had been sent co-signed with her name on it.

Well amongst the guests who were currently being served by the newlywed couple, Ganglabe-san and Ahrius-san, there were a few who glared at them with undisguised hate but… it can’t be helped I guess.

Ekress-san and Gingus-san had gone around the tables, giving them an explanation but even if they could understand the reasoning behind it, there were still quite a few who still couldn’t understand it emotionally. …Which couldn’t be helped either, no matter how many times I repeat myself.

He had appeared from nowhere and stole the position of the Lord for himself. Ganglabe-san will no doubt, from here on out, have to struggle with that particular perception people have of him.

It wasn’t that he robbed the position from Ekress-san, but that they gave the position to him hoping that he would be able to rule the land fairly and bring it to prosperity, and that he thought that Ekress-san and the others were correct. That’s what he has to tell them.


“There’s bound to be trouble in the future…”

“Ain’t that the truth.”



Seeing Cougar-san appear next to me out of nowhere made me jump with fright. When did you get here!?


“He’s gotta rally for everyone’s approval. He’s gotta govern well. He can’t fight like he used to if a war were to happen. He will need to think about how to protect his citizens or else.

There’s a mountain of work ahead of him.”

“I guess you’re right… ah, have some wine.”

“Why thank you.”


Cougar accepts the wine and downs it all in one gulp.

You really can drink, can’t you aye? Just as I was thinking that, one of the wine cups I was holding on to was taken.


“I’ll be taking this Shuri, su.”

“Aiyah, even you Teg-san.”


Teg-san too, chugged down the cup of wine he held in his hand and burped. Can you not? That’s so embarrassing.

However, Teg-san didn’t mind the eyes around him. He put his arms around my shoulders happily.


“Man~, today’s a good day, su~! Congrats, congrats!”

“Teg-san, are you drunk?”


I examine him carefully, seeing a slight shade of pink across his face. Wow, the alcohols been making its rounds huh.


“It’s fine to be drunk today, su~ What am supposed to do if not get drunk on this glorious day!”
“I would usually stop you but… you have a point!!”


I replied with a wide smile.

That’s true, it would be wrong of us to not have fun on such a joyous day like today~


“Then, pass us a little bit more wine here, su!”

“Ah but there’s no more for you since it would be really annoying if you get too drunk and collapse.”


“Once you drink some water and cool your head a little, you’re welcome to come back.”


I say as such as I pass him some of the water I’ve been holding onto. It’s fine to be drunk but there are limits, so I’ve got to do this.

Just as I was looking at Teg-san sipping on the water I gave him, someone else approached us.


“Excuse me. Am I correct in saying that you are Shuri?”


Yes? Someone’s talking to me?

I look to that direction and standing there was a masculine man. He had a slender body and golden-blonde hair, smiling gently.


“Excuse me but, who may this esteemed guest be?”

“Ahh, perhaps you’ll figure it out if I say it like this. Due to our collision with you, we had been pressured by Newbyst, which lead to a change of government, with the cause originating from the son of the former king. My name is Fleubnir Alturia.”


Fuah!? As a reflex I felt like I was about to collapse.


“Eh? That Alturia? You’re related to that king and that stupid prince?”

“Hahaha! Exactly right. I am the younger brother of that stupid brother of mine, born from a different mother.”



Why is someone related to Alturia here? And to think that the government’s changed and the king’s been replaced?

And the man standing in front of me was the newly seated king?

It was all so overwhelming that I couldn’t make out any words. It appeared that Cougar-san and Teg-san who’re standing beside me seemed equally shocked, and Teg-san who had been completely drunk just a moment ago appeared extremely serious.


“So? Did you need something from us, su? Did you come to complain because your country had suffered some?”

“I came to express my thanks.”




“I truly thank you. Thanks to your efforts, that asshole was chased away, and I was seated as king.”

“…So basically, because we had screwed up your country-”

“Please make no mistake. I’m not here to tell you that I hate you because you made my brother’s life miserable, or that I finally managed to achieve the goals I had set for myself, nor am I evil or anything. To put it simply, I came over here to thank you because you gave me a just excuse to chase away that stupid brother of mine after he had screwed the country over.”

“Eh? Is your country really in that bad a shape?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty bad.”


Fleubnir-san said as he laughed out loud.


“My brother was a hopeless idiot. He had caused an incident in the city as well. He probably would’ve lost the seat of king to me eventually anyway.”

“Ahh… is that so?”


I answer as such on reflex, and Fleubnir-san tapped my shoulder lightly.


“After that I chased away our corrupted nobles, and the stability of the country returned as well. This is all thanks to you.”

“I didn’t really do that much though…”

“No no, I’ve heard all about it, you know? Making use of your relationship with Newbyst to corner my brother, all the while acting like a complete buffoon.”

“Wait a second there, that wasn’t what I…”

“You don’t have to keep up the humble act. It is thanks to your actions that father gave up on brother and gave me the position of king. Together with father, we are doing our best to develop our country. Father too, instructed me to tell you that he reflected on his actions greatly after your audience with him.”


So it blew up into such a big problem… I had no idea.

Fleubnir-san takes one of the cups of wine that I was carrying and said after downing it.


“We, Alturia, will form a friendship with your country. As a symbol of thanks.”

“Huh, right…”

“Well then, let us meet again Shuri-kun.”


With that Fleubnir-san went away.

…Wait, so what I did caused an entire country to go into chaos!?


“What did I even just hear? That’s absolutely ridiculous.” (Cougar)

“Totally, su… I never realised that their country had fallen to such a state, su.” (Teg)

“Right…” (Shuri)

“Excuse me there.”


Still in a dumbfounded state of mind, someone else came over to talk to us.

Who is it now? I think as I look over…


“Long time no see.”

“Sure has been a while since we met you folks.”

“Ehhh, Hill-san and Blitz-san!?”


Aren’t the ones standing there the leader of the Oritol Knight’s Order Blitz-san, and the leader of their Imperial Guards, Hill-san!?

They were the pair who had once fought and lost to Cougar-san, right? Why were they here?

Being so shocked that I couldn’t even get my mouth to even move, Cougar-san spoke on my behalf.


“What? So it’s you guys now? Out with your complaints—”

“Complaints? None of that. …It was… Shuri, was it not?”

“Eh? Yes.”

“Thank you. It was thanks to you that my relationship with my younger brother has been restored.”


Hill-san lowers his head and said.

….Why did they say they were thanking me?


“Indeed, after all, my dissent with my older brother had been dispelled, and the relationship between the Knight’s Order and Imperial Guards have also been repaired.”

“It’s all thanks to you. Furthermore, it was also thanks to Cougar-san, for beating our pride out of us.”

“…Is-is that so?”


I have no idea what else to say anymore. I give an answer despite my befuddled state.


“Oritol will likely wish to form a good relationship with you guys in the future.”

“It’s why we were sent here instead… anyways, farewell.”


Hill-san and Blitz-san then went away after that.

…What a chaotic outcome. I didn’t think that those two would suddenly appear.

And come to think of it, I never could’ve guessed that Alturia would have a political uprising, resulting in its government changing, that stupid Prince getting outed, and Fleubnir-san taking the seat of king to steer the country. Who in the world could’ve guessed that?


“The world is… surprisingly small huh.” (Shuri)

“True.” (Cougar)

“Absolutely, su.” (Teg)


All three of us let out a dumb sigh.


“Shuri, your actions lead to all of this to happen so… you better take responsibility for this someday.”

“Eh!? It’s my fault!?”

“Sure is, su. It’s all on you Shuri, su. We can’t shelter you from this one this time.”

“Even you Teg-san!?”


Why? Why are Cougar-san and Teg-san looking at me with such a cold gaze…!

I worry, wanting to place my hands over my head. All I did was cook, nothing more.

So just exactly what, when, where, why, and how did this all happen? I just don’t understand…!


“Hahahaha. You sure are as clueless as ever Shuri, jano


Suddenly Princess Tebis was standing there.

Holding one of my dishes in her hand.

She started lightly tapping me on the arm with a strange grin on her face.


“Well, that is just how you are sometimes We must admit.”

“Eh? Well, thanks I guess. Tehehe!”

“She aint’ praising ya.”

“It’s not a complement, su.”

“We are not praising you here.”



“Well-well let’s leave it there. Princess Tebis, could it have been you who called those people over?”

“Hmph, precisely. They were called over upon the mention of Our name. Nevertheless, there were some who refused.”

“No, thank you regardless. After all, you allowed Ganglabe-san and Ahrius-san’s wedding to be this extravagant.”

“Right, right. Be thankful. We sure had it tough. We even had a letter from father all the way back in Our country, getting mad at us. Maybe we have worked too much.”


I put on an apologetic gaze as I lower my head.


“That… I’m sorry. You’ve done a lot for us.”


In all honesty, without the strength backing behind Princess Tebis’ name, it’s likely that a great number of people here would not have shown up.

Even now, there were a few people who didn’t greet Ganglabe-san even once and were instead looking at him with eyes of hatred.

A smaller number of them were also here to evaluate Ganglabe-san, trying to gauge him as a person.

To come despite the dissatisfaction that remained in their hearts, it wouldn’t have been possible without Princess Tebis going the extra mile, I’ll say.

I apologize with that in mind and Princess Tebis laughs while saying,


“Don’t worry about it. This is an investment.”

“An investment, you say?”

“Indeed, perhaps Ganglabe will rise from this moment, and perhaps it may relate to you in some capacity Shuri. You see, Shuri, as long as you are here, We hold a firm belief that his land will prosper for a long time to come.”


“Indeed, as long as you are here. And this isn’t merely about your skills with cooking. To Ganglabe, you have already become an irreplaceable existence, someone he cannot live without. For someone like you, should you handle this territory as you do when you cook, will surely bring forth a fine result. We have merely put out investment into that belief.”


An investment, huh?

I really am not that important a figure though. I’m just an ordinary person who happens to be able to cook.

However, I’m a little relieved that she said it’s an investment. If Princess Tebis was cooperating with us based purely on goodwill, then I would have absolutely no idea what gift I should give her as thanks that could compare to what she’s done for us.

However, if it’s an investment then it’s fine as long as she sees the results that she wants us to produce. And when I see it like that, it really makes me feel at ease.

Both parties make use of each other, seeing the value and potential we each hold. Politics is as complicated as ever but, it’s not all difficult.


“In that case, we shall show you a result worthy of your investment. I’m sure Ganglabe-san will.”

“Hm, that’s good. Good enough.”


Princess Tebis smiles and replied. Indeed, that seems to have been the correct answer.


“Moving on now, Shuri. This here sure is delicious.”


What Princess Tebis was referring to, was the dish that I made specifically for the wedding.


“What did you say the name of this dish was again? It truly was difficult bringing this particular marine ingredient here due to how quick it was to rot, even compared to the other foods one could grab for by the seaside.”

“Where I was from, it was called Grilled Spiny Lobster.”


That’s right, what I cooked was the Grilled Spiny Lobster.

I was a little unreasonable and asked Princess Tebis to bring one here. I mean, they really do go bad easy…it’s a lobster after all…

The ingredients this time round is simple. Just one Spiny Lobster.

I placed half of the cut spiny lobster onto a piece of aluminium foil that I had Riru-san make for me, and then grilled it. The grilling time depends on the size of your lobster so do take that into account.

Once it’s done grilling, you eat it with a bit of miso made from the rest of the lobster.

It’s just that I thought people might get sick of eating just one flavour so I also prepared a few other flavours such as this one with Lemon Butter Sauce, this one with Grapefruits Sauce, and this here with Mayonnaise and cheese.


“We think that they are all delicious…. Truly, remarkable.”


Princess Tebis says as she takes another bite of the lobster.

Phew… I’m glad she says that it tastes good.


“The Lobster miso is also good, but the meat of the lobster was cooked just right at just the right temperature, thus leaving a good texture. …You chose correct, this is likely to be amongst the most excellent choices for a wedding, is it not?”

“That’s not all there is to it though.”


I look to the lobster and said.


“In my country, cooking a lobster for a wedding is also like a symbol of luck.”



Princess Tebis’ eyes form a smile as she listened on.


“Firstly, when boiled, the meat of the lobster turns into a vibrant red. This red colour is said to hold the power to cleanse ghost and evil spirits.”

“That’s the first we’ve heard of it.”

“Well, that’s… it’s a very niche belief.”


Niche? I give a sidelong glance to Princess Tebis who tilted her head slightly, puzzled, and my heart started to race thunderously.

Crap. What a weird way to almost give away my identity as a person from another world. I have to be more careful.


“Uh, yes and there are also some other meanings behind it. The shell kind of looks like armour so it gives the impression of strength.”


“Finally, you see how the tail end of the lobster is often bent? That is regarded to look similar to old people and symbolises longevity.”

“I see. So you mean that it would purify the evils that may visit the two who tied the knot, protect them from malicious intents, and even lengthen their longevity.”

“Yes! Exactly!”


I’m not sure if that’s the correct interpretation but it should be about there. Let’s just say it is anyway.


“Those are the wishes contained within this dish that I wish to present to those two.”


I say so and looked at Ganglabe-san and Ahrius-san.

A gallant groom, and a beautiful bride.

Since coming to this world, they were the two who made me a part of their family. The two who are now welcoming a new future.

For the sake of a happy life. For the sake of making a happy future.

If I didn’t celebrate this with them now, then I would never be able to repay them.


“I’m sure that from here on out, the two of them can expect countless hardships. There might even be horrible or upsetting incidents that occur.

…It might just be for a peace of mind but, if this dish of mine can shine even the smallest ray of light onto their future then… that’s how I think anyway.”

“It’ll help. Surely.”


Princess Tebis says and then leaves me be.

…I’m quite indebted to that person as well. I really am eternally grateful to Princess Tebis.


“Now then, I’ve sobered up so pass a bit more wine over here please, su~!”


Teg-san said as he puts his arm around my shoulders.


“I’m so tired from all of these serious topics after all, su.”

“Even though you were acting so serious.”

“Spoke my mind. The drunks gone from me too. Shuri, give us a bit more here.”

“…Oh, alright.”


I answer with a wry smile on my face.

And then I look over at Ganglabe-san. He was holding an open conversation, greeting all of the people who came.

I look over to Ahrius-san. Standing very dignified next to Ganglabe-san, putting on a wonderful display as his wife.

Ganglabe-san notices me looking at him and raises his hand a little in my direction.

It almost felt like he was trying to say, ‘Thank you.’

As a wave of pleasant thoughts surge through my mind as a response to their excitement and gratitude, I decided to go back to work.


I wish you two a lifetime of love and happiness.

Truly. From the bottom of my heart.


(Note: Celebratory food meanings)



couldn’t find Japanese ones but Chinese ones here:

“Lobster is known as the ‘dragon of the sea’ and embodies strength, good fortune, energy and spirit. In Chinese cuisine, a lobster dish, representing the dragon, is often paired with a poultry dish, representing the phoenix, and together the two symbolize a strong marriage and family. Follow this dish with an order of squab for the perfect symbolism of the dragon and phoenix.”

Also not just lobster but Japanese spiny lobster. No idea they were different things. : x



I wonder if I should’ve used vinaigrette instead of sauce. :thinking:


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  1. Thanks a lot for finishing this arc! It always felt like a piece of watercress was stuck in my mouth when it stopped along time ago. Looking forward to the next installment.
    BTW. I hate the crustaceans side of seafood. It’s one one of the worsts things people eat, right next to cheese.
    I really don’t know how people can eat that stuff. It’s F#%*ing gross. I have tried three different ways to eat crustaceans, they all taste terrible.
    Ok rant over. Enjoyed the story, hate the food on this one.
    Thanks again 🙂


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