UchiMusume Manga – Extra Story 4

Finally an update :

Thanks to Flynn for raws as always.

Here’s a surprise Merry Christmas and happy new year post 🙂



Man I almost have $100 in ad money lmao. Can cash out and buy kfc :v Kfc party at my place 🙂

[Other chapters]

WordPress has changed so much… what.

How has everyone been? I’m surprised as the rest of you that there was a post on this site in December. I mean, i have two chapters of ryouriban done, just not edited. And so there’s only 3 chapters till i catch up and its really not that bad.

How has everyone been doing? I’ve been watching Terrace House to cope with my own loneliness, watching Chinese romance dramas that my lil sis  has been recommending to close that gap in my heart that’s filled with nothing. And ain’t that just 14 year old levels of deep.

Gonna have to start applying seriously to tech companies or just any company looking for software devs soon. Also need to prep my programming skills and mindset too. since i haven’t done anything intense lately.

Anyway hope y’all are happy. And that things look up next year. And that I can get better at Tekken 😛

(something something about cool updating, something something, surprised pikachu face)
also something about subscribing to pewdiewpie but that memes a little late and he doesn’t want new subscribers… :thinking: what do i do now.

ps does mangadex give me money? o3o also i bought a powerline adaptor to see if it helps with tekken 🙂


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