UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 25

Edit 2: Fixing stuff…


Umm.. Hi I’m back. I feel like ranting slightly. but here’s links.

Also congratulations on the Anime Adaptation.

I guess the manga got delayed because of the anime announcement huh.

and this was delayed cause my computer/net was being an ass.

Also I’ve always translated these pretty much on the day of release since the beginning so don’t even try to guilt me. Praise me instead 😦

[Imgur] (imgur hates me and doesn’t work tonight…) USE GOOGLE FOR NOW!!

[GDrive] ( i love google)

And this is gonna be the whole chapter… i can’t even upload into wordpress now…. kill me. whatever.

facebook isn’t even working (discord wasn’t even working for me man)

I was gonna post this using my reddit account but given the frikkin trainwreck that is tonight… someone else do it…. please link here tho… please ;-; i want views man. Views give mee money man. i mean now that batoto is gone everyone uses mangadex anyway (tho i hear its being doxxed) just give me a view and then go there (>3<)

edit: crap i forgot a bubble

edit the edit: and then i changed a bunch of dialog


Anyway while I wait for my shitty net to upload the manga to imgur…

I’m just feeling sad mang. Life is pretty sad atm. And tired. working a lot more shifts at work cause everyone was on holiday. but now people are back so it should be okay.

i got my money from wordpress. it’s paying my ubers for work. :v that’s somewhat depressing

Man… it’s always so sad to see people dismissing all your hard work. but the internet be the internets. At least the manga is gonna stay… even if the web novel doesn’t (and by stay i mean in people’s hearts.)

and no this one guy. on reddit before i finished uploading. i didn’t drop the series. This damn thing is up to date and updates once a month generally but stuff happens okay 😡 like this anime announcement. blame that for your manga delays.ss (2019-02-20 at 11.12.03)

also here’s the chapter cover without the junk


man why am i so nice…. sigh

i’ve decided to bottle up all my feelings and see where that leads me for the year. but damn this upload slow. i’ve changed the dns and everything google-sensei! frikkin imgur man. but also fricking people linking to mangadex instead of me man. frick frick. someone help me do things. i don’t know this new world of manga. i just want to good old days where i download manga by the volume at mangatraders or download the latest chapters or every chapter at the translators site. man whys the net nowadays such a toxic place. i just wanna listen to some lofi music to chill/relax kappa.

jesus never come to australia man. not because of the spiders or demons and shit. but because this shithole has the worst internet in the top 46 fastest net countries. our nets so frickin slow sometimes i could strangle a monkey. bro i haven’t even eaten dinner and it’s 11:43. I finished doing everything 2 hours agooooo!! imgur screww you!!! and that’s how upset i am that i haven’t been able to toss this task behind me.

zzz i never got leon but i rolled tiaris and luna yesterday and today. so now i can build princess. sugokune~

it’s not even my faulttttt ;-; just upload already imgur…. please…. i give up…

Things that’ll haunt me in the future:

ss (2019-02-21 at 12.38.57)

13 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 25

  1. If you want good comedy manga, I suggest Grand Blue (somehow it has much better comedic timing and expressiveness compared to the anime), Chikan Otoko, Dungeon Meshi and Gokushufudou (it seems like a one-trick pony at first but the variety of the situations and the execution quality actually make it funnier over time). Also Golden Kamuy, which is not really a comedy but is all-around brilliant and occasionally gut-busting. Several comedy mangas have received excellent anime adaptations recently, like Hinamatsuri, Asobi Asobase, and Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thnx for the work. And now the LN is also finished. And when they translate it and it gets read, that will be one less regret to have before death.


  3. I’m here to leave my thanks and wanted to recommend some series, but Moozooh pretty much mentioned the ones I wanted to recommend the most (Grand Blue, Kaguya-sama, Hinamatsuri)
    there’s also Komi-san, Sheriff Evans, Duke of death and his black maid, senryuu shoujo and Mattaku Saikin no Tantei to Kitara
    all of this cute and funny.

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  4. I thought that you dropped the manga since the light novel continued and the opinion on other sites was that the translator dropped the project but reading your post I can see it is not the case. I’ve been waiting for 6 months since your last release of this manga looking for an update every once in a while. SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK! This is one of my favourite manga!!!


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