Ryouriban – Chapter 58

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Act 2 Prologue


Hello, Shuri here.
I’m just your ordinary guy from the modern lands of Japan who just happened to get tossed into another world without any rhythm or rhyme.

Currently I am…

“Riru-san. Raise your head please.”

Making Riru-san kneel while scolding her.
Why you ask? It’s simple.
She had secretly stolen and eaten all the Hamburg steak that I had made for dinner tonight. The end!
Even someone like me would be angry at this and thus I have to scold her appropriately. So that this doesn’t happen ever again.

“At least you know what you did was wrong. However, how many times do you think this makes?”
“About… four times?”
“Just who do you think you’re trying to fool? You’ve done this over than 40 times!”

Trying to trick me by a tenth of the amount, don’t you think you’re going a bit too far!?

“If you keep this up, I am going to stop making Hamburg steak for you, Riru-san.”

Riru-san cried out desperately.
If you’re going to be that bothered by it then why did you snatch away our dinner.

“See, that’ll bother you right? In that case, please stop sneaking into the kitchen and eating the Hamburg steak, okay?”
“Okay, understood…. Riru will reflect on it so make Riru a Hamburg steak with demi-glace sauce next time.”
“Damn it, you haven’t learnt a single thing!”

My brows began to crumple without me realising. A person who doesn’t know how to reflect on their mistakes or possess any shred of regret is nothing but trouble.

“I’m going to have to report this matter to Ganglabe-san. That’s fine right?”
“Tha-that would be troubling.”
“You’re not getting out of this one. I expect you to reflect properly. Have a look around you.”

I urge Riru-san to take a look and she begins to observe her surroundings.
This is the kitchen, and there were countless plates of Hamburg Steak which were waiting to be served.
However, all of the plates were empty. This is no longer a snack, but theft! THEFT, I say!
Which is why everyone else was also wearing a dark expression on their faces. As if to say, ‘Damn you for making us work more!’
As expected, not even Riru-san could stand such gazes as she began to quietly mutter.

“I’m sorry…”
“…If you are then please don’t do this ever again. Geez, just how long do you think we’ve been staying in this country now? Three months. Three whole months! Please stop doing this and grow up already!”

I’m pretty sure she gets the message this time so I let out a sigh and look towards my crew.

“Anyway, I’m going to report this to Ganglabe-san so that this doesn’t happen again, so let’s end this here. Dinner will be… let’s change it to Tofu Hamburg Steak. Our inventory of beef should be pretty low at the moment.”
“Yes chef.”

Hearing my words, Gann-san scratched his head with a dazed look.
And I take Riru-san’s hand, brought her to her feet and then asked her again.

“So? Why’re you here?”
“Ah, yes, of course.”

Riru-san pats down her clothes and she says,

“Ganglabe is calling for you. That’s why Riru came.”
“Ganglabe is really-”
“Then why did you eat all the Hamburg steaks…?”

Exhausted, I placed my hand over my face.
Geez, Riru-san’s love for Hamburg steak is such a pain. Just when is she going to grow out of this terrible love of hers…
Well, not like I can change anything just by thinking it.

“Alright, got it. I’ll head over there now.”
“Then Riru will go back to her room.”
“Everyone! Riru-san said she wants to help out with anything, even washing the dishes, so please instruct her as you please!”
“Eh! Wait!”
“See you later!”

I rush out of the kitchen and head over to Ganglabe-san’s room.
Out the kitchen, down the corridor, and up the stairs. It had already turned completely dark outside. Even the moon’s out. Honestly dinner should’ve been ready by now…
However, walking through the castle like this, I really do get the feeling that the structural hierarchy here has changed.
There’re people that I’ve seen on a daily basis as well as some new hires.
Just as there were changes happening within the government, the military was also on its way to change.
All in these three brief months. Right now three months has already passed since that day.
Sounity has changed its name, and was on its way to a brand new start.

“I’m coming in~ Ganglabe-san.”

I said as I arrive in front of the room, knocking on it.
…But, there was no response. Isn’t that weird? He’s always in this room…
Ah, speaking of which, I never heard from Riru-san where he was supposed to be waiting for me. Ah that’s not good, that’s on me.
Well, in any case, I guess I’ll knock again.

“Ganglabe-san~? Are you in~?”

Once again I knock a few more times and called out to him but there was no response. Hmm, I wonder why?
I guess that means he’s not in. Oh well, it’s gonna be a pain but I guess I’ll go back and ask Riru-san.
Just as I was thinking that and heading back to the kitchen,

“I’m here, come in~”

Said a voice from within.
?? Why are you answering now… Why didn’t you answer me before?
It’s a little weird but oh well.

“I’m coming in.”

I open the door quietly and go inside.
As soon as I closed the door and turned around, my vision was enveloped by a tall mountain of documents up on what was meant to be the Lord’s desk.
I can’t even see Ganglabe-san!

“I know what you want to say! I’m in here! I’ll go over to you now!”

Just as I was thinking that I could hear a voice from behind the documents, Ganglabe-san walks out from the debris.
Over the past three months, Ganglabe-san had been stuck at the desk working through documents so the fatigue in his eyes is clear to see but…

“Ganglabe-san, what do you think about shaving your beard?”
“What? Doesn’t this look good on me?”
“It doesn’t look good at all.”

Ganglabe-san had the strange idea that growing out his beard would give him the air of a Lord.
Honestly it doesn’t look good on him at all. Even if he keeps growing it.

“See, isn’t it just like I said, Ganglabe?”

From within the mountain of documents came out another figure to stand beside Ganglabe-san. Ahrius-san.
Right now she was wearing very comfortable, loose clothes.

“A beard doesn’t fit you. You would look better by cutting off that beard and going for the clean look.”
“Really…? I thought I would look more like a Lord like this though.”
“You don’t have to feel like you have to dress or decorate yourself up. Don’t rely on something as useless as you beard to show us that you’re the Lord, show us through your results.”

I laugh and then said.

“You’re almost a father. Go cut your beard and show your child what a cool dad they have. Don’t make Ahrius-san worry about such weird things.”

Saying so, Ganglabe-san lets out an embarrassed smile.
And Ahrius-san looks down with a happy smile as she rubs her stomach.
Ahrius-san is pregnant.
This was confirmed a month ago when she had suddenly started vomiting in the mornings and changed her eating habits, which lead to us getting her checked at the doctors who told us that she was carrying a child.
At that time Ganglabe-san was so happy that he… shouted so loud it broke the ceiling and with how much he was jumping up and down so energetically, it was real tough to calm him down.

“And so, did you need something from me?”
“Ahh, about that.”

Ganglabe-san awkwardly took one document from the enormous stacks and handed it over to me.
After reading the document that had been handed over to me, I replied without lifting my eyes from the page.

“A formal outing… is it?”

Written down on the document was a request to inspect the country’s surrounding villages.
What kind of inspection? All that’s written is to examine the condition of the citizens and crops.
There was no details mentioned at all so the task is a little hard to imagine. Furthermore it doesn’t seem like something that should be left to me to handle?

“Why me? If it’s for an investigation of sorts then Teg-san is more fitting.”
“The investigation is just an excuse. Truthfully, what I want is for you to accomplish that task you had mentioned previously.”

Hearing those words, I finally put two and two together.

“So it’s actually about the Cooking Classroom and… the change of public opinion?”

Ahrius-san then continues.

“Through our own investigations, we know that there is currently a rebellious force… or rather, quite a few citizens who don’t hold our best interest at heart. Which is why, we want you to go visit said regions to change how they think if possible.”
“Ahrius-san, you really do act like the wife of a Lord now.”
“Eh? Uh, are you sure about that, I wonder?”

My tongue slipped due to how incredibly familiar I was with them now.
Ahrius-san’s face was as dignified as always despite the happiness and embarrassment given away from her loose and wide smile.

“Anyway, that’s what’s up. Let the citizens eat something good, show them how to find some new ingredients, and relieve them of their troubles and…. Well, I won’t ask you how long it’ll take. Can I leave this task to you?”
“Of course.”

I slap my chest as I answer.

“I am the Cook of Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corps. On your command I will spare at nothing to prepare a meal that is out of this world for those citizens of the land to feast upon!”
“Good! I leave it to you!”
“You can count on me!”

It’s been three years since I’ve come to this world.
My tale is still going on.
At a new place, starting fresh at the former Sounity.

A new chapter beginning in the Country of Aprahda.

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17 thoughts on “Ryouriban – Chapter 58

  1. How does one eat a castle’s worth of hamburg steak?
    Congrats, Ganglabe and Ahrius
    Also, title drop didn’t land well
    Thanks for the chapter


  2. Thanks for the translation!
    Hope Ekriss goes with him and gets a chance to get him more interested in the idea of marrying her. Idiot still hasn’t realized the significance of seeing her mother. Sure she said wanted moral support but this is her introducing a man to her parent. Reminds me of the denseness of guy from Infinite Stratos. Oh well. Shuri is definitely going to wow the locals with his cooking, question is, who’s going to notice and try to either kidnap or kill him? Granend might be the biggest and baddest country out there, but doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who might go after Shuri. Might be a good chance for Ekriss to look good and make a strong impression on Shuri. At any rate, he needs someone good at logistics to help him find ingredients, get good prices, and get them when need them without getting too much so a lot rots away unused. Btw. all this talk about cooking makes me hungry but the local recipes here in the US are a lot different than the Japanese recipes so hard to good recipes for the dishes so anyone know any good sites for the recipes in English? Thanks.

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  3. I clicked and clicked and clicked away at the next chapter button but to my belligerent, the next chapter just won’t load. And then it hit me, I’ve all caught up. So sad….

    Thank you for translating this novel, for years nonetheless. Funny, lightweight and heart warming story. Although that Oda Nobunaga appearance rather surprising. Does this foreshadow heavier, darker story in the future?! After all Ganglabe going to unite the continent, right? There would be war waged, blood shed, tears spill.

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