UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 26

Dz0S9PHVsAAEzdrIt’s almost like this manga only comes out every 2 months.

I want views and Blue set the mangadex thing to be uploaded after 1 day i think? So come to my site first tahnks ๐Ÿ˜‰



[Other Chapters here]

Also I’ll probably see if I can upload it to reddit myself, I’m not an expert.

I said a bunch in my credits already. Have fun.



12 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 26

  1. Page 2: should be “wandering”.
    Page 5: I don’t think “deliverance” can be used as a verb; there’s also some weird mid-sentence capitalization there and on page 24 when Dale casts spells.
    Keep up the good work.

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  2. thanks for the chapter as always , i am new here, i dont have many friends, so if you want we can be friends.
    also โ€œcongrats on your new jobโ€.

    also what is Latina hair color, according to vol cover its changing from pink to silver to light red. ?


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