Translation Speed

On the topic of how fast I translate:

I could translate two four chapters a day if I wanted to… but no I have a life, so I only translate when I’m bored (Which luckily for you is all the time since my computer is too shitty to play games).
(Edit 2-22-2016) I try my best.
(Edit 3-06-2016) Uni has started. I am not trying my best as much
My current priority is Ryouriban, and UchiMusume, whilst Isekai Brothel will be resumed… whenever I’m bored enough?
Ryouriban and Isekai Brothel chapters are about 3 times as long as UchiMusume

Also please don’t take my projects… I’ll feel sad and drop them, cause I want to work alone
(Edit 2-22-2016) Uh… do whatever you want?

No schedule in particular cause I’m lazy

Schedule(If possible… trial period):

Chapters may not be edited, and may only be posted via google doc links in the corresponding TOC

UchiMusume: 2 Chapters/wk
Ryouriban: 1 Chapter/2wks

(Edit: 25-04-2016) Yea that was a bad idea and doomed to fail

No spoilers as well as I read as I translate

Look! it’s a torappu!

4 thoughts on “Translation Speed

  1. Hello konobuta how are you? I was wondering when the next chapter of ryouriban will be released as I saw that you made a lot of updates for uchimusume but not one for ryouriban in a month. Please I’m ask My you for the next update as I need to know what happens next in the story as I read uchimusume I’m more interested in how ryouriban plays out. So please do the next update for this novel soon.


  2. Hello konobuta! I checked the website link for ryouriban to see if it updated (even tho I can’t read Japanese -_-) and there were 2 new chapters. I was wondering if you were translating them? Anyway your translations are great so thank you 😊 and bye ^^.


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