Morning won’t come. 朝は来ない@avogado6

I’m sure someone has already translated this, but here’s my attempt.
(not typesetting, every box has a space in between, and maybe there’s a better way of doing this but. im not very smart.)

Morning won’t come/朝は来ない by @avogado6 on twitter.

Come on
Get in

Ehehe, sure been a while since you last took me on a night ride~
sfx:beep beep

When was the last time? A year ago?
About there.
sfx: beep beep

I was so scared that time that i made us go home right away, remember?
(The mountains are so scary~! Let’s go home!)

We don’t have to go.
Nah, this time’ll be fine!
sfx: screech

It’s good that it’s such a clear day. It’s night time though.
Uh huh.
Ah! We didn’t forget anything did we?
I packed it all in the back.
Hmm, that’s fine then.


Hey! Don’t smoke in here!
Let me have this for tonight at least.
No! It stinks!
Alright, just let me have this last one.
Geez, fine.
sfx: pout pout, vroom~

We’re here.
sfx: step.


it’s beautiful…

Ah! Orion!

I don’t know the others though.
I should’ve looked them up.

Ah! The big dipper!

Had your fun?
Yea, ahh…


Uuuu… cold…
Here, get in. It’s warm.
Hurry up and take your meds and go to sleep.
sfx: slam

Haha, it really is.
I’ll be able to sleep like a lamb in here.
sfx: warm and fuzzy.


Do you have a song in mind before we do this?

This one.
sfx:beep beep

Feeling sleepy?

sfx: mm,ahh

It’ll be nice if we meet again in heaven.

Good night.

(Don’t you mean hell…?)

Two dead bodies have been discovered
inside a car deep in the mountains
earlier this morning

According to the law enforcement there were no obvious signs of visible injuries,
and the cause of death appears to be carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are also traces of what appears to be charcoal remains burnt in the backseat,
therefore there is a high chance that the two had planned to commit suicide through charcoal burning

Investigation is already underway regarding the details leading up to this incident as well as the identity of the two deceased.

Morning won’t come. End.

UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 29

I blabbed a lot in the credits so you can read there.

Honestly I’m such a loner these days that I find my only solitude online cause i find it nerve-racking twalking to friends. Must be due to this insane inferioirit complex thing i got. ah well. hi friends who read this.



[other chapters here]

How did you guys find the anime? Where did it go up to? i haven’t seen it yet since i like binge watching the whole thing these days.

I’m sure its good 🙂

Anyway. looking forward to anything this season? I might choose 1 or 2 shows to watch every week and then binge the rest when i have time. I think Hi Score Girl S2 is coming, so im thinking of doing that. as long as there ain’t gonnab e any super cliff hangy moments cause my heart can’t take that.

here’s a bonux pic from the twitter:EFIzbOiU0AE5AlX[1].jpg

生まれた意味などなかった。/まふまふEnglish Lyrics.

Umareta Imi Nado Nakatta.
There’s no point in being born. Mafumafu.

My lyrics. My interpretation. Can be wrong. Very literal.

Thrown aside in a cardboard box;
Shouldn’t there be more to life than this?
Bus stops, a whirlpool of people;
All turn away, trying to avert their eyes.

I can’t change this mess I drew,
but where is the spew that betters it?
It’s whereabouts known by no one anymore.
No one will know.

This tiny life that slipped from [my] mother’s hand,
doesn’t even deserve a seat in the back.

This life that could have achieved it all;
Why isn’t there anyone to save me now?
These fingers, as skilled as they are;
But still no one’s here to save me.
That’s how we are.

This world, dull and ignorant at its core.
My pen and tools, taken away,
Yet wouldn’t you agree that that the ink splattered here
is terribly fitting?

If I were asked if I wanted to die,
It’s not as if I were lonely enough to.
If I were pressed whether I wanted to live,
I wouldn’t even say no.

What face do I make,
to show this feeling of emptiness?
The words I begin to write,
“What was the point of being born”

If I had read that book I had missed back then,
would this twisted world finally come to an end?
Where would I go even if I turn back,
now that the path is crumbling in front of me.
That’s how we are.

Unknown. Unknown.
“Who am I?”
“Who are you?”
Unknown. Unknown.
Erase and rewrite.
Roll it up and throw it away.
Unknown. Unknown.
There’s not a single thing I could write for myself yet.
Is there any point of being born?
Is there any point of being born?
—There is no point in being born.

And yet, even though everything will dissipate one day.
Even though nothing’s coming to rescue me.
Even though there’s no meaning to this life.
Even though a brighter tomorrow will never come.

I have to move forth.
Even if the path ahead leads to death.
I have to write.
Even if, of course, there’s no space left on this page.
I have to know,
About tomorrow. Through this dark sea that has no path.
I have to live. I have to live.
I have to live [for myself].


There’s a very good comment on video that also gave eng lyrics that you sing along to as well by PomPomEni and i  think if i did it correctly clicking on the link below would direct you to it. (Since i don’t want to post their translation here)

Also I’m sure Mafumafu will put out english lyrics soon enough. And then we can see how bad my version is lol. For some of it i tried to match syllables but that’s not my purpose now that i think about it. oh well.

Things that can interpretted differently somewhat: Kaku – to write, draw. But in the MV sense it means to draw. But honestly it can be any passion, which is why PomPomEni uses sing/song.

The back seat, I originally thought it was the back of the classroom, as in some sort of art project where they hang up their paintings. But I removed the classroom part, because all it states is the back seat.

And also songs about wanting to die that tell you do live in the end, where have I seen that before?

Edit: So i was listening to the song again. (cause i like it duh) and i noticed that the part where she(but mafumafu is a guy… dang its confusing) says Sukueru mono hitosu… it could totally mean that she couldn’t save them instead 😮

“This life that could have achieved it all;
Why isn’t there anyone to save me now?
These fingers, as skilled as they are;
But still no one’s here to save me.
That’s how we are.”


“This life that could have achieved it all,
yet it couldn’t protect a single thing.
These fingers, as skilled as they are,
yet they still couldn’t protect a thing.
That’s how we are.”
woah. i totally feel like it makes more sense? maybe the MV confused me.
still, its just interesting.

I feel like those “Bokutachi ha” verses were important ones… hmm..

UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 28.5

Chapter title is writing letters btw. 😛

Another side story. Man I just want more Dale. That’s right. Latina a cute, but I need some edgy boy backstory.

How’s everyone take on the anime so far? (Still haven’t watched it btw.)
I saw Dale’s eyes though. lmao. He looks… like he belongs in a shoujo manga. of the early 2000s.



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I spent way too long on that credits page.

lastly I stumbled on this on twitter and it seems theres a few of them but here’s a 4-koma written by @suzuhohotaru on twitter


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UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 28

Hi. dang. missing a few strokes. oh well.



[Other chapters here]

wow so soon. would’ve thought next year or something, but next month?


maybe i’ll add credit pages here as well so that it won’t always be a typholosion when you linkback lol


UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 27

Wow what a cutie.



Read the other chapter here

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Ryouriban – Chapter 58

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Act 2 Prologue


Hello, Shuri here.
I’m just your ordinary guy from the modern lands of Japan who just happened to get tossed into another world without any rhythm or rhyme.

Currently I am…

“Riru-san. Raise your head please.”

Making Riru-san kneel while scolding her.
Why you ask? It’s simple.
She had secretly stolen and eaten all the Hamburg steak that I had made for dinner tonight. The end!
Even someone like me would be angry at this and thus I have to scold her appropriately. So that this doesn’t happen ever again.

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UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 25

Edit 2: Fixing stuff…


Umm.. Hi I’m back. I feel like ranting slightly. but here’s links.

Also congratulations on the Anime Adaptation.

I guess the manga got delayed because of the anime announcement huh.

and this was delayed cause my computer/net was being an ass.

Also I’ve always translated these pretty much on the day of release since the beginning so don’t even try to guilt me. Praise me instead 😦

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I was gonna post this using my reddit account but given the frikkin trainwreck that is tonight… someone else do it…. please link here tho… please ;-; i want views man. Views give mee money man. i mean now that batoto is gone everyone uses mangadex anyway (tho i hear its being doxxed) just give me a view and then go there (>3<)

edit: crap i forgot a bubble

edit the edit: and then i changed a bunch of dialog


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Ryouriban – Chapter 57

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 Behind the scenes – The Malice Sprouting Quietly


“So? You’re saying this is the report?”

“That is correct, my Lord.”


This country, it is currently the country with the greatest momentum in the entire continent.

This country was neither Alturia, nor Newbyst.

As a country, it is one with an abnormally fast development. The sudden expansion of its territory is clear evidence of their capabilities.

A castle with a distinct Oriental feel… the buildings constructed with precise woodwork, all of it coming together without the use of a single nail marked the pinnacle of craftsmanship, enchanting whoever cast their eyes upon it.

Defensively, the building was surrounded by a large moat followed by a tall wall equipped with cannons, thusly making it not a simple feat to fall.

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