Morning won’t come. 朝は来ない@avogado6

I’m sure someone has already translated this, but here’s my attempt.
(not typesetting, every box has a space in between, and maybe there’s a better way of doing this but. im not very smart.)

Morning won’t come/朝は来ない by @avogado6 on twitter.

Come on
Get in

Ehehe, sure been a while since you last took me on a night ride~
sfx:beep beep

When was the last time? A year ago?
About there.
sfx: beep beep

I was so scared that time that i made us go home right away, remember?
(The mountains are so scary~! Let’s go home!)

We don’t have to go.
Nah, this time’ll be fine!
sfx: screech

It’s good that it’s such a clear day. It’s night time though.
Uh huh.
Ah! We didn’t forget anything did we?
I packed it all in the back.
Hmm, that’s fine then.


Hey! Don’t smoke in here!
Let me have this for tonight at least.
No! It stinks!
Alright, just let me have this last one.
Geez, fine.
sfx: pout pout, vroom~

We’re here.
sfx: step.


it’s beautiful…

Ah! Orion!

I don’t know the others though.
I should’ve looked them up.

Ah! The big dipper!

Had your fun?
Yea, ahh…


Uuuu… cold…
Here, get in. It’s warm.
Hurry up and take your meds and go to sleep.
sfx: slam

Haha, it really is.
I’ll be able to sleep like a lamb in here.
sfx: warm and fuzzy.


Do you have a song in mind before we do this?

This one.
sfx:beep beep

Feeling sleepy?

sfx: mm,ahh

It’ll be nice if we meet again in heaven.

Good night.

(Don’t you mean hell…?)

Two dead bodies have been discovered
inside a car deep in the mountains
earlier this morning

According to the law enforcement there were no obvious signs of visible injuries,
and the cause of death appears to be carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are also traces of what appears to be charcoal remains burnt in the backseat,
therefore there is a high chance that the two had planned to commit suicide through charcoal burning

Investigation is already underway regarding the details leading up to this incident as well as the identity of the two deceased.

Morning won’t come. End.

Another world: Ramen Edition

(Short story. There may be mistakes since I’m translating as a way to fall asleep?)

Another World: Ramen edition

Author: Sougo Mikan

I’m a ramen-holic and quit my job to start a ramen joint.
Oh, a customer!


We greet people a lot in here.

“I’ll have a Miso Butter Corn Ramen”
“Char siew Ramen for me”
“Sure! Thanks for coming! That’s one large copper coin altogether.”

Do you think that its weird for a copper coin to be used as currency?
You shouldn’t.
After all this is another world. They don’t take Japanese yen, American dollars, or the Euro here.

One large copper coin and the 10 normal copper coins… I count them, put them away then started making the ramen.

This here is wheat produced right here in this kingdom, and it smells great. This makes noodles with nice elasticity to them.

I put the wheat into a bowl that had a special emblem engraved onto it.

[Create Ramen]

It turned into flour and then without any other ingredients turned into raw noodles in a blink of an eye.

This is a skill I’m very proud of.

I boil the ramen.
I put my special sauce into a porcelain bowl that I had already warmed up.
Put in my special soup.

Ah, you’re interested in my soup?
It’s my secret recipe…
Well, the base uses pork bones, but I also mix in some seafood~
There’s also vegetables and herbs, and although it’s a bit thick the soup is still easy to drink…
That’s the sort of base I use.
Well, this is a base that can assimilate to the flavours of countless noodles and soups after all~
Every bowl is special.
So please, why don’t you try everything on the menu!?

I thoroughly shake all the hot water off, add the soup and lightly stir the soup.
On the bowl with the Char siew ramen, I stack the middle full of the beansprouts. Arrange the 8 char siew slices so that they look like a petal, place a cut spring onion in the center, done!
The one with the Miso Butter Corn ramen, I add bunch of both beansprouts and cabbage.
I add a delightful portion of corn, decorating with the spring onion and butter, done!

“Here, thanks for the wait!”

I hand them a special cutlery that had both a spoon and a fork.

You say that it looks like the ones from a certain (Su)gakiya!?
What can I do about that!?
How am I supposed to tell these people from another world to eat with chopsticks and spoons.
I’m born in Sougo after all~
You say you don’t know Sougo?
Sougo is on the east side of Aichi!
It’s famous you know, just like Okazaki, the birthplace of Tokugawa Ieyasu, or Toyota from our world’s (To)yota motors, or Toyohashi, Japan’s number one export port~
(Well, I was born in a city slightly smaller than those but…)
Aichi doesn’t just have Nagoya, alright!?
Ieyasu had brought Hanakai into Edo culture.
Well, Sougo has the base of Japan’s culture!
And it’s like, almost at the center of Japan too!

(Well, that might or might not be what the people of Sougo think but…)

Cutlery is a form of respect.
You can’t half ass this stuff in Japan or Earth, but this is another world so… it should be alright.

Ramen is delicious right?
I’m just an ordinary person, but I’m thankful to my cheat ability.
You see this small truck operating as a shop?
This is actually a hybrid vehicle powered by mana and magic crystals.
My skill [Create] specialises in the creation of noodles and spices.
Amazing right?
Honestly, I can even make pasta, soumen and even vermicelli noodles.
But… I’m a ramen nut so…

Eh? You want to eat curry as well?
I can make curry udon…?

…Don’t cry.
Wouldn’t this look like I’m bullying the great Yuusha-sama?
tsk, fine.
I’ll introduce you to my little brother!?

You’re saying that it would’ve been whatever if I introduced you to my sister but you can’t believe I’m introducing my little brother to you…?
My brother, you know, is a travelling salesman selling curry.
So the day we were summoned from that outdoors field event, he had been working.

Oioi! You don’t have to go as far as to do a sliding dogeza!!
I’ll introduce you to him!
Besides, there are other flavours of Japan here as well.
After all, 80 food stands were summoned over here.
We formed caravan groups of 10, selling open air food all over the place.
There’s a map and chat function amongst other skills embedded in the vehicle so let’s keep in touch.

What a weird story. The thing at the end was pretty cool though. Also I have no idea what Hanakai is. Something to do with Flower seeing? I googled it, and it was like some performance? Ah well.

Stressed level: Mixing up Shampoo as Body wash…

Stressed level: Mixing up Shampoo as Body wash… (Honestly I thought of this in the shower haha… when it actually happened… huh… and thought it was a good joke??)
Hey guys~ Quick update. I’m almost done for the semester and uni, and I will stop being so ridiculously busy by next Thursday… and hopefully slightly earlier.
Blue said he’s finished the next chapter of *cough* Monster world *cough shit title*, and we were totally thinking of just translating up to chapter 28 and stopping cause we like to troll~ but it’s up to him when to post anyway.
Next chapter of the manga comes out on June 22nd. (misread soz) In any case, translating is out of my head atm. I’ve read so many Academic journal articles its freakin’ ridiculous. FRIKKIN i say.
I need a life. I have a quiz on friday. i have to analyse one more source… and write some bs about Japanese Noh masks and then I’ll be done for a 40% essay. And then I have a 4000 word Japanese report to write, which I’m only half way done. and then i need to plan my trip to japan. and then i need to find a job that i like. cause i say i wanna neet, but honestly, i like money. …i’m researching noh theatre so much, maybe i’ll just be a noh actor. or a propaganda chinese movie maker. who knows.
This is getting long enough to go on my blog… you know what, Ima write it on my blog and put a tldr version here. (i was gonna post it on fb but i haven’t had a proper update here in a while so why not)
But anyway, Chinese cinema was a great course, although all the propaganda films that i watched almost got to me mang. Maoism is great D: but unrealistic. But is it really great??
Slight rant: man lecturers, when you ask me to write an essay worth 55% and i send in a draft, and ask for your feedback. It means i hella want that feedback. ur a lecturer, shouldn’t u tell me how to improve!! unles… i’m already awesome..? im a sugoi? woah.
What have i even been doing lately… I translated half of tensei oujo manga chapter 1, i should finish that. Did like 10 lines of ryouriban. Watching twitch. Playing slay the spire. Volunteer work. Normal work. Uni? Sounds about right. Oh also been reading History Number 1 founder. It’s okay. And I’ve been totally wanting to write my own weeby chuunibyou novel heh. I’m 21… wait. 22. shit. turning 23. fuck.
Before I leave. Any thoughts on how I get them japanese company connections so they give me the good shit? 😉
And also memes~ o3o supplied by your favourite translator/procrastinator of the times mr Blueknighto~ who is apparently playing a game: 10,000,000? weird title.






33528367_1678167105630967_5021311450472251392_n (i kinda want this to be my new icon…)
and last but not least:
And here’s one from me~ a cute grill streamer o3o
One last thing before i head to work ughhh….
Watched The Office. Reaction = :/ I enjoyed it a lot, but there’s a lot about it I also didn’t like. Jim and Pam relationship was great though. and honestly the reason I even watched the show.
Black Mirror seems pretty cool too.


The World Is Full of Monsters So I’ll Live As I Like – Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Blue. I’m bored again so I’m going to translate a novel with Coolizer. Nice to meet you readers. Here’s the synopsis.
Edit: This is Cool. I’m busy and he’s bored. A great combination! Enjoy 🙂


On his way back from work, our hero runs over a big doggo.

In that moment, he heard a sound coming from his head.

<< You have subjugated a monster. You gained experience points>>


The world had changed in the blink of an eye.

Into a game-like world where there were monsters, levels, skills and status.

This is a story of our world that has been changed into a modern fantasy, and our hero’s epic to do his best and survive.

Author: Yosshaa!

Novel page

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Happy new year :)

Just wanted to wish ya’ll a happy new year. I should also stop saying ya’ll. I’m not American. 😦

Hope 2018 will be better than 2017 haha… looking back it just wasn’t my favourite year. I did get my first HD and even got 3 if them this year :thinking:

(Not gonna do a long winded recap of the year cause I’m lazy and tbh I have terrible memory… which is why I probably should do that… but lazy :/)

I’m gonna be finishing this year off by watching the fireworks on TV and reading the manga adaptation of one of my favourite reads done by one of my favourite translator, Three days of Happiness and vgperson, ( continue listening to late night. What ’bout Chu?

what’s up mah dawgs

Edit: not dropping manga. soz. I just need help with redrawing which I have found already 🙂 Thanks.

Hey guys. I’ve been gone a whole month.

To do list:

  • look for someone to redraw/typeset uchimusu chapter
  • apologize and also explain my disappearance a little
  • tell people to take up all my current projects because i’m dropping everything

So uh yea. I feel bad seeing that I don’t think any one else is translating the new chapter, seeing that i did the last 12 or so. Which is why I’ll probably do the translations and pass it off to the people who want to do the chapter. I don’t mind continuing translating the manga cause i do like reading it and i barely read anything raw that i don’t translate…. actually as I type this, I’m probably gonna just upload the text here somewhere and see if people care about me enough lmao. In any case I’m sure someone else will end up translating the manga even without knowing about this site if enough time passes 🙂

So that’s the first dot point. Hopefully? ‘

So I do apologize for not uploading. It’s a pretty simple reason tbh. Just wasn’t enjoying it. Of course the feelings involved were not so simple. I’ve been feeling from ranges of guilty to relief. And tbh if I’m gonna be this slow, I might as well give it to someone else who can deliver. Besides uchimusume is getting an official “asfarasiknow” professional and good translation so there’s no point of me continuing, people seem pretty happy with jnovel club 🙂

That wasn’t much of an apology. And I’ve read somewhere that explaining yourself in an apology sort of invalidates that so um idk.

I haven’t been reading novels either, and that makes me sad. The reason for that is cause if I did then I would feel even more guilty for not contributing or something? In any case I want to enjoy some guilt free reading times again. I’ve been getting way too into watching twitch streams and playing myself sick of shadowverse. I even started and quit sinoalice during this time. And re-started granblue fantasy. oh and i bought overwatch and played quite a bit…

And I mean sure, I’ve been slightly busy at work, working my night shifts and being sad there, but that’s why me translating, should be something that makes me happy. and have fun.

So yea, i think that makes point 2.

Like I mentioned previously. I’m dropping everything.

  • Ryouriban
  • UchiMusume Web novel
  • UchiMusume Web manga
  • Isekai brothel
  • And that last recent thing that I said I would continue but then didn’t cause both me and blue got lazy, and then people started telling me to continue cause someone else did it, but didn’t edit it it seems and so it was quite hard to read.

I think those were all the stuff I was translating?

I hope everything goes to good new translators tbh. Someone was telling me they wanted to translate ryouriban so I hope they do it, even though I was a bit rude when I responded last time. (soz)

Uchimusume has felt like my baby since I felt like it I was the one who made it as popular as it may be? i’m egoistic and sometimes a bit narcissistic. but its something i like to believe.

I’m pretty sure since I haven’t released a chapter of isekai brothel in like literally more than a year i think, and people haven’t translated the rest so uh…. yea?

I may do some other translating stuff when I feel like it would be fun. In any case I’m out. It’s 2 am. I’m rather sleepy today. So I’ll try to translate the text of the manga tomorrow morning, that is if someone hasn’t already realeased the chapter hah. Peace out.

I’m J-dawg.

I just need less expectations on me 🙂
So that’s why I’m gonna do a clean slate.
Thanks readers it’s been fun. Cya round.
(I’m gonna take another month off before I start reading novels again 🙂 Hopefully nothings been deleted or changed too much.
I bet deathblade has already finished ISSTH~ And bunch of people have been awesome? Idk~ Hope you people are cool.
Time for image spam. Also thanks novelupdates and reddit for giving me traffic 😛

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