I do uni

Do i do do da uni doe?

Please leave a comment if you do download any, and leave a review if you please :3

Apps might only work with your antivirus disabled (I have to disable avast, but Microsoft Security Essentials was still running :P)

Games created in Java:




  • Connect4 – (Download) [File’s pretty big due to sound files – ~25mb]
    • Made with my group in a computing course for java, don’t know what else to say
    • Features:
      • Uses a Mini-max AI of 3 difficulties, Easy, Medium, Hard.
      • Has sound (hopefully royalty free and all that jazz)
        • BGM and slot
      • Can play multiplayer with your friend :’)
      • You can change the icon for the tiles to doge and grumpy cat
      • The background is also adjustable
      • You can alter the names of your players
      • Has a score tracker
    • lol @ all the bugs 😀
    • The sound breaks cause it doesn’t end after you win a game lol


  • Labyrinth (Download link) ~500kbs
    • Made with my group in a computing course for java (Failed the course last year :c)
    • Features:
      • Uses Kruskals Algorithm and Recursive Backtracking Algorithm to always generate a random maze
      • Has 3 difficulties, which are simply increasing the size of the maze
      • Has 4 different themes, independently designed by Jack, our graphics guy :’)
      • Has 3 different game modes:
        • Single player:
          • Race against the clock and gather all the coins in order to escape the labyrinth of your choosing
        • Multiplayer:
          • Race against the clock and your mate to be the one with the highest score
        • Deception:
          • A game of trickery, does he have the key?
      • Has special powers, Teleport and Time Theft:
        • Teleport – takes you to a random location within the maze. A cheap gamble. Cost: 1 coin.
        • Time Theft – stops the timer as well as the movement of the other player. Cost: 2 coins.


  • Snake(Unfinished, but not sure if I want to finish it) – (Download)
    • Something I made cause I was bored and still slightly wanted to create a game
      • Features:
        • None really? It sorta works?
        • Have fun?
        • I should really implement a queue…


I should add more 😀

8 thoughts on “I do uni

  1. Hey, I downloaded the Connect 4 game and beat all the modes, yay! I didn’t face any problems but I guess the most distinct thing I noticed was how quickly the opponent made the move, on other online versions I have played, the chip kind of drops so the game pacing is much slower so your game’s pacing was more quick than expected and took me by surprise (not that it’s a bad thing, just took a while to adjust). I really like how there’s more customisation such as changes to the backgrounds and chips although the quality seems kind of pixelated at times and how it’s really clear what column you are in – I haven’t seen this feature before and it makes it much easier to choose the correct column when playing. I like how easy the menu was to navigate from ‘New Game’ and ‘Show Rules’, etc. I didn’t really notice the scoring though until I read the notes (maybe it would be good to show what the numbers signify? It was also in smaller font and less distinct than the menu bar so easy to miss it and its significance).

    This is a slight thing but when it said ‘Restart’, the score keeping continues but not for ‘New Game’ option, this is just my interpretation but I thought that it was more likely that the ‘New Game’ option would keep the scoring rather than ‘Restart’. So I was a bit confused on how they were different until I learnt about the scoring but still a bit surprised that score keeping only for ‘Restart’ option rather than ‘New Game’ option. I love how quickly the game loads and starts up so I’m looking forward to inviting my friends over and playing it together, the pacing takes a bit of time to get used to but more time to go through more games. Overall, it was really fun and thanks for posting this!

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