Manager of the Other World Brothel

Isekai Brothel
Isekai Shoukan no Shihainin


When I was tossed into this world as a world traveller, it was back when I was still a kid.

As a compensation, the ability I got was every kind of magic specialised in the management of hygiene, and physical condition.

My power has absolutely no use in battle but, as a manager of a brothel, it’s indispensable.

It’s already been several years since I’ve been entrusted with the shop by the Owner who saved my life.

Tonight too, the lights are on in the brothel 「Papillon’s Somnium」, raising the night’s curtains smeared with money and passion.

Please I urge you to stop by, dear customer.

Our shop has assembled only the best beauties, we sincerely await your arrival dear customer.

Author: Sin Guilty


Chapter List:

Prologue – Brothel 「Papillon Somnium」

First Story – Miss Rola’s Circumstances

Second Story – Miss Ristia’s Circumstances

Third Story – Your Highness, Princess Silveria’s Circumstances

Fourth Story – Miss Lunamaria’s Circumstances

Final Story – Manager’s Circumstances

After Story – The Decision of the Maidens in Love

After Story – – Another End – The Decision of the Maidens in Love

15 thoughts on “Manager of the Other World Brothel

  1. Okay, I will be testing if the comments work here at last.
    So far is a pretty nice story, the “prostitutes are women too” part is really endearing to me after seeing tons and tons of people raging about purity in the interner *cough*kannagi*cough*. Anyway, you said the author decided to continue it after all? So, are you liking how it is going now? It would be nice if it keeps the charm and you keep translating it.


    • Well I’ll see once I finish translating the ending for this, if I feel the end is good enough. Who knows. I’m very superficial :v and seeing the continuation not going up the rankings ya know -honesty bombs-


    • I’ve waited 2 years, hoping to see the final 2 chapters translated. If you have the time, I would be very grateful if you could give us closure and complete this series. Thank you for a your hard work!


  2. Sorry, I keep trying to comment but acidentally replying to other’s comments instead. I don’t mean to spam or be a bother. Once again, thank you for your hard work and hope to see this translation completed!


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