The Fourteen Years I Spent as a Cat

Raws: 猫の私が過ごした、十四回の四季に

Author: Momokado Isshin


I am an abandoned black cat. Having not even been named, “I” met a human man one day. For some reason,  he couldn’t leave me alone, someone who didn’t know love. Which is why, I decided to go live with him.
— Naming me Alexandria? You’ve got to be joking! Just imagining it gives me the chills. Oi, youngster, do something about this. Hmm, “Kuro”, huh. That ain’t too bad. You can call me that.

This is the story how “I” not wanting to live, loved people so much that I prayed to cling onto my existence for the first time in my life. A story how how I spent 14 years with a human family.

Chapters (Completed):

Chapter 1: Beginning ~ I… am a stray cat ~

Chapter 2: Canned food and the four-eyes

Chapter 3: And that’s how I…

Chapter 4: No way about it, guess I’ll let you take care of me

Chapter 5: I became a part of their family

Chapter 6: The girly and me

Chapter 7: The girly’s exam and graduation

Chapter 8: My dear girly

Chapter 9: Please, until we part…

Chapter 10: Conclusion: My days as a cat

12 thoughts on “The Fourteen Years I Spent as a Cat

  1. Hello,
    My name is Nadita and I am from TWS_Bahasa. We really like ” The Fourteen Years I Spent As A Cat ” and interested for translating it from your translation to Bahasa Indonesia.

    Our Indonesian translation will be post in which is just like NovelUpdates but only in Bahasa Indonesia. Of course if you give us permission we will write your name and link your web as our source raw translate.

    Kindly waiting for your reply 


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