Chapter 2

Canned food and that four eyes.
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It didn’t end up raining that night.


The next day it started to clear up, and the crowds passing by seemed to be even more energetic.

The number of people walking by also seemed to have increased, and as a result the people who were calling out for customers to come in was also louder.


From what the kids, who weren’t wearing their bags, were saying, today was a holiday and I let out a big yawn.


The humid air also seems to have been swept away, and the newfound warmth was quite comfortable.


Perhaps it was because there were more strange people in the holidays, the people that would sometimes notice me would leave behind the leftovers from their lunchbox or some bread etc. for me. Since I was starting to get hungry anyway, once I’ve made sure that they were gone, I would eat it up gratefully.


Nevertheless, it wasn’t anything as delicious as what the lady brought me yesterday.

Unable to comment too much on such the luxury, I finished all the food that had been given to me in the end.


Perhaps that lady had been busy, but it was only when evening approached that she finally came bringing over some fish meat. Even once evening came, the number of people walking past didn’t seem to lessen one bit.


“Hey, how’re you.”


As I was taking a nap among the rubbish bags, I heard a familiar voice.


I lift my head up to look towards the street, and standing there was the four eyes from yesterday. In his hand was a delicious looking can, and he slowly approached me whilst looking right at me.


Just what is this guy thinking?


Maybe he’s just a weirdo? I answer myself as I stare threateningly at the man, that if he came any closer I would bite him.


The man stops, and scratches his head, looking troubled.


“Ah man, are you that cautious?”


Yes, it’s decades too early for you to try to con me, young one.


I said to the man. Replying with, “Don’t growl. I’ll give you something nice.”, he opens the lid of the can bewildered.


I smell the same delicious scent as yesterday, and I poke my face out a little. The man slowly places the can down in front of me, and then backs away as if to provide some distance.


Is he being considerate? Perhaps, he’s doing that to try to say, “I won’t hurt you.”


How ridiculous. There’s no way I can trust that.


I approach the can, as cautious as ever, and glared at the man every now and then to keep him away as I ate. Eating like this is as rude as the food in the can is delicious.


Seeing me eat, the man looked as if he was slightly relieved. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice next to this “Itou-san”, and the lady who had brought food over to me just a while ago appeared.




Hearing the man politely greeting her, she too, replied politely with a “Hello.”


“You were handing in a script today as well?”

“No, today I was just talking a bit with someone in the business…”

“I see. I don’t really see you around all that often so I just thought that meeting you again was a little strange.”


The lady then continues with, ‘Your wife comes by quite often to shop though.’


“Well, you’re not wrong.” The man complains as he moves his cheek.


“That’s true. I, um, I’m always holing up to study so…”

“Well, while you’re outside it might be good to walk around and check out the shopping district, don’t you think? It’ll be a bit of exercise, and there’s a lot of new stock coming in for all the stores today, so they’ll stay open till late.”

“Um, is it cheap?”

“My, asking for a discount already?”


The lady laughs, the man smiles abashedly.


I quickly empty the contents of the can and jump back in between the rubbish bags. Although the man let out a little, “Ah!”, as he turned back to me, I was quicker.


“Oh my, he got away didn’t he?”


After the lady says that, the man crouches down and picks up the empty can. He takes out a white bag from his pocket and neatly put it inside.


“Haa… it seems like he’s quite on guard towards me…”

“That’s how most strays act. There’s a lot who just can’t trust a person straight away after all.”


The lady says, trying to console the man. He mutters a quiet, “I see,” and looks sadly in my direction.

I, will not be deceived by anyone. If my sense of self had been born before I was thrown away then I may have felt like that, but what I exhibit is nothing but instinct. I merely, cannot trust humans, nor anyone, other than myself.


Clear weather continued for the four days after that, and the fish that the lady gave me and the man’s cans became my food.


Thanks to that my stomach was completely full, and I stopped feeling any devastating pangs of hunger.

Living like this is ridiculously nice.


On the third morning, the people who came to collect the rubbish bags arrived, but one of them shared some bread with me. It was a little dry, but even this was quite delicious.


On the fifth day, it was extremely cloudy since morning.


The lady opened her store, and then in a rare occasion, brought over a can early in the morning, as she muttered, “Looks like it’ll rain today.” If she’s here in the morning then that means, the next time she’ll be here would be evening, is what I thought as I had my meal.


The grey roads, returned to looking just as they did the first time I laid eyes on them.

A flow of tired people and cars filled my visible world.


The air was also somewhat humid, and even though I didn’t feel the most comfortable, I curled up and hid behind the rubbish bags.


And then, in order to sleep, I let my mind relax for just a little while.


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