Chapter 4

No way about it, guess I’ll let you take care of me
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In the man’s home, there was a woman, and a little girl.


I realised that the adult woman was the man’s wife and the little girl was their child. I could smell the same scent coming off that little girl as the man. Furthermore their auras was also similar.


It was tiring to keep calling that little girl, ‘little girl’, so I just called her ‘girly’ instead.


As if she had been waiting for the man to carry me back home, the woman, with her long hair tied behind her, came bringing a towel in hand, wrapping the towel around me and held me.


Perhaps the towel had been warmed up beforehand; the soft, white warm towel gave off a nice fragrance.


“Oh my, she’s gotten this cold.”

“Miyoko, put her in the bath first.”


The man says, and the woman shakes her head.


“What are you saying? You’re going in too.”



The man stands the umbrella in the corner of the doorway as he lets out a miserable noise.


“I’m telling you now, but I’ve never raised a cat before. When you suddenly said that you wanted to move into an apartment that allowed pets, I was so surprised… Ah, let me wipe him down. Hey, let me handle the dryer, you’re just too clumsy. It’s alright to use the low setting, yes?

“….Um, yeah, should be.”


The man said vaguely. However the woman continued regardless.


“I’ve already prepared your change of clothes so you can go straight in.”


After hearing an, ‘Alright’, the woman hands me, wrapped in a towel, over to the man. Seeing the girly next to the woman looking over in this direction full of curiousity made me uncomfortable, and I slowly turned away from her.


“Hey mum, I want to use the dryer~”

“If you want to play with the kitten then you need to finish your homework first, Yuuka.”


The man stands up, carrying me as he passed by the two.


As I passed by her, I took a sneak peak at the girly’s face. She let out a sigh, and puffed up her cheeks, looking like a mantou.


“I’m only in middle school, why is there so much homework.”

“There’s a lot to learn after all.”


As I was listening to the woman say that to the girly, the man and I entered a certain room.


A humid warm air tingled my nose as the man closed the door behind him in a familiar fashion and started undressing. I had a really bad feeling about this. That feeling came to fruition the moment the man opened the next door, having finished taking off his clothes.


The bathroom, with the warm white steam floating about, had a bathtub filled to the brim with hot water.


That was my first experience with a bath.


I bring out my claws, and tried to run away from every direction, and every time I would do so, the man would panic to catch me. When everything below my neck was put into the hot water, I finally lost all energy to even move, and I ultimately let him do as he pleased. Then, in my dazed state, I was handed over to the woman outside the bathroom, and was attacked by a towel this time.


Damn it, why am I being subjected to this.


I mutter annoyedly, I felt like it didn’t matter what came next anymore. After all, I couldn’t imagine anything that would drain me more than that frightening bath.


However, waiting for me was something even worse than that.


As the woman held me with the towel, a hot blast of wind that rang out a huge explosion started to hit my body.


My still young heart started fiercely trembling at the intense sound and hot wind. At some point, the man had gotten out of the bathroom and easily restrained me, who was trying to run away, claws flaunting, as if he was used to it.


The girly who was doing her homework or whatever, was looking at me curiously.




Having lost my ability to speak, I was released and placed upon a warm cushion before I had realised.


However, living beings are unexpectedly simple.


After coming to this house, I’ve nearly completely exhausted all my energy, and was glaring powerlessly at the two humans, but I was immediately comforted and in a good mood due to the warmth in my body and the fluffiness of my bed.


I stuff my face into the cushion, and a great smell invaded my whole body.


Ahh, this is heaven.


I felt the presence of the three humans surrounding me as I nodded off, but I decided to ignore them.

There’s nothing… more they’ll do to me right?


“Hey, what should we do for his name?”


The woman asked happily.


I could hear a sound of the blanket right next to mine being ruffled, and then a large hand gently pat my head.


“Hmm, indeed… a name huh… I never thought about it.”

“Alexandria! That’ll be a great name!”


Suddenly a shrill voice sounded as the girly shouted out.


I felt an instinctive level of danger and instantly jumped up. In front of me sat the man, and next to him, the woman and the girly was talking to each other.


“Hey, mum, let’s name her Alexandria. Doesn’t that sound cool?”

“….isn’t that a bit too dazzling of a name?”

“That’s what’s good about it! If not then, something like Elizabeth!”


No way!


Hearing the names that the girly came up with, I shouted in the inner depths of my heart.

I shuddered, imagining myself being called those names, names I absolutely dreaded.


Seriously, just no long, dazzling names please.


Aren’t there any better sounding names? I begged the man. The man tilts his head to the side and groans a bit as if he was having trouble thinking.


I originally had no name. It didn’t matter to me whether I had a name or not, but if you want to give me a name then I would like a name that would suit me.


I have no interest of being called something like, Alexandria.


If you’re going to be naming me then, something that’s simple and sounds like me would suffice.


“Look, even the kitty doesn’t look like it likes it, see?”


The woman says as she laughs wryly. Exactly, I tell the woman.



Having said that, the girly, with her semi-long hair that was parted into two, looked as if she was thinking for a little bit, and then made a face as if she had an eureka moment.


“Then how about a Japanese name, like Sei Shounagon?” (Famous Japanese author)


Please stop, girly.


I haven’t a clue who this name belongs to, but my gut was telling me no.


You’ll suffice, so please just give me a normal suggestion, I said to the man. The man stares at me as he places his hand on his chin.


“Hmmm, alright… Ah, how about, Kuro?”

“Kuro? I don’t like it, it’s so normal.”


The girly argues as she puffs up her cheeks.


I tried to silently repeat the name that the man just muttered. It was short and simple but, it seemed like a name that fit me very well.


I like it, I say as the corner of my mouth raised up. My man, I will allow you to call me Kuro.


“Oh my, the kitty seems to like it.”

“Eh? Really?


The man looks surprised and peeked at me.

His eyes widened somewhat as if he was happy, and he looked proud, coughing out a “Ahem”, as he pat my head.


“From today onwards, you shall be Kuro of the Itou family. Nice to meet you.”


You seem to be quite emotionally attached to me, so I guess I’ll just have to let myself be in your care then.


I answer as such, and just like that, closed my eyes as I fell into a deep slumber.

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