Chapter 6

The girly and me
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The girly has never been as busy ever since starting high school.


From her club activities, to all the things she had to study, going out with friends and her duties as a student, these past two years had gone by busily.


Perhaps his work had lightened a bit, but it was around this time that the man would stop being shut in his study all day, and apart from the mornings would spend some valuable time with the girly. The woman also became a housewife, and started to welcome the girly as she went and came back from school, as well as talking to the other housewives, happily spending her days away.


In these last two years, the girly had grown even more significantly.


The hair that the girly started growing out a year ago was tied up as cute as ever, and maybe it’s because she’s gotten more feminine, but she’s starting to put more effort in taking care of her face. She’s even been putting on a little makeup lately.


“Ah, woah! I forgot my blazer!”

“Oi, oi, are you sure you’ll be alright?”


Seeing the girly suddenly get up from the dining table and run out, the man grumbled in shock.


Today was the opening ceremony for the girly’s senior year in high school. I too, had been dragged out by the girly yesterday, and was exhausted. The girly, who had played a bunch during her spring break, was not exactly prepared for today, and the three of us, the man, girly and I, were all together until late last night.


Last night, the woman went out to buy the things that the girly needed to take to school today, and the man was chasing up the girly on any documents she may have needed to hand in. I went to check whether or not she had forgotten her shoes as I dived under her regular uniform and sports uniform.


The girly, with her blazer in hand, hurried back to the dining table, stuffing what remained of the sandwich into her mouth. I could see her beautifully tanned, straw-coloured legs coming out from her navy blue skirt that got shorter as she got older.


“Yuuka, you haven’t forgotten anything, have you?”

“Nope! I think!”


The girly answered as she tried to quickly swallow down her food.


Oi, oi. Get yourself together, girly.


I held the necktie that had been tossed onto the sofa with my mouth, and placed it on top of the shoes on the ground. The man who saw me do that, smiled bitterly, saying, “Good work, Kuro.” The man too, revealed a look of utter exhaustion.


The girly looked over here upon hearing the man’s words.


“Ah! That’s right, my tie!”


The girly, having just admitted that she had completely forgot about it, put her blazer under her armpits as she came over.

Picking up the pink tie, she pet the top of my head roughly.


“Thanks, Kuro~!”


You’re welcome, it was no big deal. Have you forgotten anything else?


I asked. The girly checked as she put on her shoes, looking at the bag that had her sports uniform in it, and then the other bag with her handkerchief and tissues.


“Alright! I’m all prepped and ready to go!”


At the girly’s signal, the woman came out from the kitchen.


“In that case, I’ll drive you there, so dear, please go take a little nap, okay?”

“Maybe I’ll take up that offer.”


Without seeing the man’s hollow smile, the woman and girly, made some flustered sounding footsteps as they left the house.


I lay down onto the sofa and the man started cleaning up the dining table. Shortly afterwards, he came to sit down next to me and turned on the tv.


He changed the channels nonstop before finally settling on the weather forecast.


“Looks like the weather tomorrows going to stay the same as today…”


Seems like it.


I said casually as I glanced at the tv, sitting by the man’s side. Warm sunlight was pouring in from the veranda’s large window by our right. From beyond the window screen, a refreshing wind was also blowing in, and the laundry that the woman hung out in the early morning was dancing, filling the room with a gentle fragrance.


Just as the weather forecast was ending into the fortune telling section, the man yawned sleepily.


I yawn once too, though it was more so from the comfortable warmth and the feel of the refreshing wind.


“Oh, you’re feeling tired to Kuro?”


Nope, at least not as much as you.


I answer honestly. The reason being, last night I had ditched the girly and man, facing her at her study desk, and slept a little in a corner of the girly’s bed.


Nevertheless, I do feel like I was hit by a wave of drowsiness.

The fact that “Cats were a species that could fall asleep anywhere, anytime,” was something I personally experienced these past few years.


The man laid down on the sofa, scooping me up into his chest.


“I’m going to sleep for a little bit. Good night, Kuro-…”


The man cut himself off right at the end.


For as long as I’ve known him, I’ve found that the man would take absolutely no time to fall asleep. I personally think that it’s a type of skill.

However, should he be determined to not sleep then, he was one who would keep steady on that promise.


I recall the time when I would hear the sound of him typing on his keyboard from his study nonstop for a whole two days straight. I was tremendously scared. That had been the only sound I could hear all throughout the silent house.


As I thought, please just don’t do that again, I curled up into a ball.

Closing my eyes, I heard the man’s rhythmic breathing and heartbeat, and fell asleep right away.




After a little while, I awoke from my slight slumber.

It was because I could hear the sound of the front door opening, shutting, followed by the familiar footsteps of the woman approaching.


Ditching the man who didn’t seem to wake up any time soon, I lightly jumped off from the sofa, and walked towards the woman in front. The woman was carrying a small bag.


“Oh, Kuro-chan. That person’s sleeping, I see.”


The woman says, picks up my bowl and proceeds to put the contents of one of the cans inside her bag into it.


Last night, the woman had told me, “I’ll buy you some cans tomorrow morning for working so hard.”, and it seems she had remembered. That, which I had eaten countless times since meeting with the man, that gentle and fragrant scent, stirred my appetite which should have been sated by breakfast.


“Here you go, Kuro-Chan. Eat up.”


Mm, I graciously accept.


I started eating the food that had been put into my bowl. It was delicious as always.


The woman crouched down, just watching me eat with her gentle eyes. Her chestnut brown hair, tied behind her head, fluttered slightly from the wind.


“She just grows up so quickly, doesn’t she? She’s already talking about university.”


Yeah, that’s true.


I answered as I ate.


“We were just talking about it in the car. How her university exams are almost coming up. And after that, she would go to a junior college. And that she wanted to be a primary school teacher…”


In a blink of an eye, that kid will also grow up. That is a possibility.


After answering her, a pair of footsteps approached from behind me.


“You’re back. Was what you just said true?”

“Oh, you’re awake. Yes, it’s true. Although, the only junior college that she would be able to attend in this area where she could attain her teaching license would probably be limited to K Uni, or F Women’s college, right?”


The woman says, then let out an elegant laugh, “Fufu.” Seeing that I had finished my meal, she takes my bowl and stands up, telling me, “I’ll go wash this nicely.” It was thanks to her cleaning my bowl so nicely everyday that I was also able to eat all kinds of delicious foods.


As I washed my face, I could hear the man making a cracking noise with his neck from behind me.


“That’s true. She’s almost at that age huh…”

“It just goes on to emphasize how much older we’ve gotten, dear. I wonder when a man would come to this house and ask, “Please let me have your daughter.””


Hearing the woman say that in a teasing manner, the man furrows his brow, troubled.


“Stop that, isn’t that still too early?”

“You’re one to talk. Hadn’t I just graduated high school when we got registered? Back when you were still just starting out, you came to my house and said, “Please let me marry your daughter once she graduates!””


The man, who seemed to have recalled that specific moment, turned his cheek away, embarrassed. Being looked at by the woman with a sneaky grin, he fessed up with a, “This is too much…”


“Speaking of which, I was even older than your brother, so he didn’t like me very much…”

“It’s not like he hated you. My brother just doesn’t like men who aren’t very manly.”


The woman laughs, and disappeared into the kitchen with my plate.


I knew of her brother. Every year he would, along with her parents, come visit this house several times. He was friendly, and had a nice body figure; both the woman’s brother and father were both ripped.


I like you even if you’re weak. Don’t feel too down.


I said to the man. As if hearing that, the man picked me up and gave me a pat on my head, but he didn’t look very well for some reason.


“…Marriage, huh…”


The man let out a deep sigh.


I laid gently into the man’s arms as I imagine the day the girly would one day become independent.


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